Move lawsuit against Zillow clears contempt hurdle with settlement

Move lawsuit against Zillow clears contempt hurdle with settlement

Move declares "full steam ahead" in prosecution

Twitter roundup of this week's top housing articles

CFPB heads up the list

Shaky housing market about to get even shakier

When will we all stop kidding ourselves?

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Executive Conversation: Ray Brousseau on bringing buyers to the table

Carrington Mortgage Services focusing on underserved borrowers
Sarah Wheeler

"Many underserved borrowers still see a mortgage as something unattainable, complex and cumbersome. The Carrington Loan is unique in the marketplace because it offers a mortgage with no closing costs, appraisal fees, or lender financing fees," Brousseau said.

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Century 21 sweeps J.D. Power real estate awards

Took all 4 top spots
Levi Shultz
"Satisfying first-time buyers is critical for real estate firms to differentiate themselves," said Christina Cooley, director in the diversified services industries practice at J.D. Power.
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Hey CNBC, shut up about millennials already

Your advice is patronizing, contradictory and just plain wrong
Ben Lane
CNBC’s analysts seem to view millennials as a giant homogenous mound of humans who all think the same way, look the same way, do the same things and look at the world in the exact same way. And every day, CNBC’s analysts opine on why millennials aren’t buying homes, or buying stocks or buying whatever else it is that CNBC thinks is important that day.
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Virginia launches investment plan to spur first-time homebuyers

$50,000 cap on investment; $150,000 cap on tax-free earnings
Ben Lane
The Virginia Association of Realtors championed the legislation and said the law, called First-time Homebuyer Savings Plans HB331, is designed to “help Virginians prepare for homeownership, remind them how important it is, and improve the long-term health of the housing market.”
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Warren’s student loan bill blocked by Senate Republicans

Is the “crush” of student loan debt here to stay?
Ben Lane
The bill is just the latest in a line of legislation to fall victim to the warring parties in Congress. Republicans accused Warren and the Democrats of playing politics by putting the bill forward, knowing that it had little chance to pass.
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Obama announces plan to ease “crushing” student loan debt

What does it mean for housing?
Ben Lane
In his remarks, and in his weekly radio address, President Obama spoke of the “crushing” debt that students face and how it impedes economic growth. The President said: “If somebody plays by the rules, they shouldn’t be punished for it.”
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Buying a home? Bankers say do these 8 things first

Manage your budget, check your credit, and more
Ben Lane
One of the biggest potential obstacles is obtaining credit to buy a home. Increasingly tight credit standards may be squeezing out potential buyers, but the Independent Community Bankers of America say they’re willing to help.
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How does negative equity create a big obstacle for first-time buyers?

Zillow: 18.8% of homes underwater, 30.2% form bottom third
Trey Garrison
First-time buyers know owning is a better investment than renting, but the type of homes first-time buyers are looking for are being kept off the market in part because nationally, those homes are almost three times more likely to be underwater than the most expensive homes.
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From HW Magazine

Banks can lead by lending

Taking stock of 2014 housing market expectations
Odysseas Papadimitriou
The housing market clearly has been through the ringer and back. The question is, are we all the way back, or does the housing market still have some improvement left in it?
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Globalization could be stunting the housing recovery

And there’s no NEO to save mankind from its actions
Kerri Ann Panchuk
Every cause has its effect. We are the victims of causality. The housing market – and its inability to grab first-time homebuyers or a new generation of borrowers – is no exception to this harsh rule.
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