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Ellie Mae announces $75 million stock buyback program

Company currently has over 28 million diluted shares outstanding
May 27, 2014
Under the program, purchases may be made from “time to time” on the open market over the next 36 months, and will be funded from the company’s available working capital.
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Ellie Mae revises operating expenses due to outage

Expenses range from $3 million to $4 million
May 2, 2014
After Ellie Mae’s loan origination system shut down for users at the end of March, the company had to revise its operating expenses to handle the added bump in capital spending.
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Remember Ellie Mae’s cyber attack? It didn’t happen

No evidence of malicious attack found
April 14, 2014
The company initially said that the characteristics of the outage appeared to be consistent with a distributed denial of service attack. Now the company’s CEO is apologizing to its clients.
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Was Ellie Mae attack the work of cyberterrorists?

Your company could be next
April 4, 2014
Right at the turn of the month, a critical time for lenders, Ellie Mae’s loan origination system stopped. But is this a small piece of a larger puzzle? Theories abound.
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What happened at Ellie Mae? Twitter holds the answer

Social media captures mortgage blackout
April 2, 2014
Ellie Mae drove the industry to the brink Monday and Tuesday after its loan origination system Encompass 360 shut down. Then factor in that it was the end of the month—an extra busy time for lenders—and the market almost lost it.
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Global DMS integrates with Encompass360 to create updated appraisal solution

October 8, 2013
Global DMS is integrating its eTrac Enterprise platform with Ellie Mae’s loan origination system, Encompass360, creating a seamless platform for the entire appraisal process.
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Ellie Mae enhances Encompass360

Adds ability-to-repay, qualified mortgage solutions
September 30, 2013
Ellie Mae announced its latest Encompass360 mortgage management solution, which includes solutions designed to specifically deal with the ability-to-repay and qualified mortgage rules.
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Union Mortgage Group utilizes Encompass360

Ellie Mae helps streamline compliance tasks
August 27, 2013
"We’ve started the implementation and expect significant improvements in our day-to-day operational efficiency and customer service once the system is fully operational," said Rob Eastep, president and CEO of Union Mortgage Group.
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Monona State Bank selects Ellie Mae mortgage solution

Bank switches to Encompass360
August 20, 2013
Monona State Bank selected Ellie Mae’s mortgage management solution Encompass360 to support the firm's compliance and customer service efforts.
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Veri-Tax integrates with mortgage technology providers

New tool simplifies, expedites loan process
August 5, 2013
Veri-Tax simplifies the loan verification process by integrating IRS and social security data within various mortgage technology solutions.
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