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Airbnb causes confusion in refi market

Lenders unsure how to classify Airbnb homes
Airbnb is in the news again, this time causing confusion in the refinance market. As Airbnb blends traditional homes with commercial investment, it can cross many lines, and be difficult for lenders to define.
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The silver lining to low mortgage rates for banks

2 areas they can still make profits
As borrowers continue to widely benefit from low interest rates, the same can't be said for banks, with lenders searching for ways to earn money. The good news is there are two different ways banks can still make a profit in today’s tighter market.
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Why mortgage lenders don't yet grasp Millennials

The truth is out there and you're getting closer
Millennials represent a huge population of untapped potential when it comes to homebuyers. As Millennials get older and start thinking about buying a home, lenders struggle to connect with this generation. This is the perfect example.
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6 things lenders should look for in a warehouse provider

A blueprint for today’s market and tomorrow’s growth
For many lenders, the fix to the growth problem is simply to add more warehouse providers, but a larger network of providers can bring larger inefficiencies. Instead of using five or six different warehouse providers, scaling down to two or three who offer larger lines allows lenders to manage fewer bank relationships and possibly even reduce staffing as a result.
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