Rick Sharga: Is this the end of the housing recovery?

Rick Sharga: Is this the end of the housing recovery?

Maybe it wasn’t the snow after all

Whalen: Nonbanks are taking over mortgage originations

Regulators "get in the way"

Unemployment down almost half from this week last year

At lowest level since December 2007

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Tips for closing a second home under QM rules

Approval requirements typically focus on these six questions
April 14, 2014
When considering the purchase of your second or vacation home, be sure to understand the mortgage lender’s eligibility requirements for categorizing the property as a second home.
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Former CFPB official: No special QM loophole

Raj Date gets into mortgage business
April 7, 2014
Date's consumer finance advisory platform and investment vehicle Fenway Summer is reportedly looking to buy Ethos Lending in order to get into the mortgage market. And he is already generating buzz through the sins-of-our-fathers assertion.
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The cost of closing mortgages is officially astronomical

It just doesn't pay to be a mortgage banker, anymore
March 26, 2014
Fourth quarter 2013 production expenses were the highest recorded in any quarter since the Performance Report was created by the MBA. Will the MBA first quarter 2014 report show an even bigger increase? Expect it.
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Fitch finalizes ratings guidance on QM securitizations

Checklist to triple-A
March 18, 2014
The criteria help lay the groundwork for the eventual issuance of these residential-mortgage backed securities.
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Top 8 states for mortgage fraud

Here's where to find the most suspicious activities
February 11, 2014
Although suspicious activity in lending is down overall, mortgage fraud still remains a problem in certain areas across the country. Here is your warning if you live in one of these eight states.
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MBA: Credit loosens as lenders adjust to QM

How easy is it to get a mortgage?
February 11, 2014
Mortgage credit availability ticked slightly higher in January and increased 1.85% from 110.9 in December to 113.0 in January, as the market continues to adapt to the new Qualified Mortgage regulation by eliminating products that do not fit inside of the QM box.
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HMDA reporting could always get better

CFPB strives to realign and simplify lender reporting
February 7, 2014
Over the past 35 years, a surplus of new regulations has shaped a completely different housing market, making the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act outdated. As a result, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau set out to realign HMDA to present day needs.
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Where are lenders driving mortgage traffic?

Lending standards tighten across most spectrums
February 3, 2014
Lending standards shifted across the board over the past three months following the recent implementation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Qualified Mortgage rule. But where are lenders looking to find business?
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How QM fails to deliver

National Mortgage Risk Index trends higher
January 27, 2014
The qualified mortgage rule was deigned to halt excessively risky lending, but according to one industry expert, the rule fails to really create any type of significant impact.
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Mortgage fraudsters are leaving these 10 markets

Where is lending dishonesty decreasing?
January 24, 2014
These ten markets are definitely in much better shape, mortgage fraud wise, than the list of places where mortgage fraud is likely to increase the most.
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