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S&P Case-Shiller: Home price gains slowed in April

Nationally home prices gained 4.2%

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Expanding inventory boosts sales

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CFPB lists 10 compliance violation trends

Cordray: Bureau 'still finding runarounds'
Brena Swanson
After a year adjusting to new CFPB rules, some in the mortgage industry are still not up to code. Here are the mortgage violation trends the bureau found.
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Believe it or not…Barney Frank set to join a bank board

Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!
Ben Lane
Quick, everyone check outside and make sure pigs aren’t flying! They’re not? Okay, good. Based on the headline in the Wall Street Journal, it looked like the world may be turning upside down right before our very eyes.
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Rick Perry: We’re tired of Wall Street getting special treatment

Presidential hopeful tells CBS News “there is nothing too big to fail”
Ben Lane
If former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is able to avoid some of the snafus that undid his previous bid for the White House, the nation’s biggest banks could be facing a whole new set of rules and regulations that could change the financial system and have a significant impact on housing.
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Senator Perdue: Rogue CFPB creates new rules and regulations at whim

Introduces bill to rein in “malicious financial policy”
Trey Garrison
A U.S. Senator introduced a bill Tuesday that would greatly rein in the power and budget of the CFPB, an agency he says is more interested in protecting itself than protecting consumers. It pairs with a House bill that would bring the same accountability. Here's what's happening in Congress right now.
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Dodd-Frank reform, TILA-RESPA dominate House hearings

Committees dig into details of regulatory oversight
Trey Garrison
At least three hearings on Capitol Hill this week should grab the attention of the housing industry, spanning the gamut from Dodd-Frank to TILA-RESPA and more. Here's where the action will be.
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Senate Bank Chair weighs sweeping GSE, mortgage lending overhaul

Reform package could free smaller lenders, boost common securitization
Trey Garrison
The chairman of the Senate Banking Committee is drafting sweeping regulatory relief legislation that could be the biggest overhaul to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act since it was passed. It could affect mortgage lending, capital requirements and GSE reform efforts. Here's how.
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Here's why force-placed insurance continues to get bad press

Is it time to shut it down?
Lynn Effinger
On the surface of it, most any reasonable person would understand that a mortgage lender has the right to protect its asset if the borrower is not adequately covered by homeowner’s or flood insurance policies. But here's where the controversy comes in.
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Houses passes Mortgage Choice Act of 2015 by 286-140

Bipartisan bill would reform mortgage regulations
Trey Garrison
A bill to reform mortgage industry regulations was approved by the House of Representatives late Tuesday afternoon by a substantial bipartisan majority. Here's what happened, and what happens next.
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Mortgage Choice Act goes to House floor today

Bill would ease regulatory burden on mortgage lending
Trey Garrison
A bill that mortgage lenders and housing advocates say is critical to the industry goes to the floor of the House of Representatives today. Does it go far enough, and will it make it past opponents who warn of a return to the days of high risk?
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Dodd-Frank fails again

Standard & Poor's shocking mortgage bond fraud
Jacob Gaffney
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been some time since the mortgage bond world felt shaken to the core. But shaken, right now, it feels, according to several recent conversations I’ve had on the subject.
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