How far can lenders push the credit box?

How far can lenders push the credit box?

Watt announcement helps, but risk keeps standards tight

Warren calls for GAO investigation of nonbank servicers

Asks GAO to review “unprecedented” growth of nonbank servicers

Freddie Mac CEO: We will help increase mortgage lending

Competition among two is still competition

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Moving at the speed of mobile increases profits

Borrowers want the mortgage application process to be easy and fast. As a 2014 Forrester study found: “Consumers reserve meals, cabs, and flights; share music; make videos; and even screen potential mates on their phones. Whatever product or service you offer, your customers expect you to deliver mobile utility.”

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Executive Conversation: Hassan Rashid sees borrower as center of gravity

Rise of CFPB and role of technology will simplify mortgage process for borrowers and lenders
Sarah Wheeler

For the time being, with the new "consumer-focused" regulations that the CFPB is finalizing and that the lenders are mandated to implement this year and next, the borrower is king.

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Mortgages: Has Dodd-Frank failed?

Industry needed its 250 new standards
Daren Blomquist and Peter Miller

The need for Wall Street Reform arose precisely because the financial industry was under-regulated. No less an authority than Alan Greenspan, the former head of the Federal Reserve and chief architect of the less-regulation approach, told Congress in 2008 that “those of us who have looked to the self-interest of lending institutions to protect shareholders equity, myself included, are in a state of shocked disbelief.” 

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Insurers find Dodd-Frank loophole

Argument still up for debate
Brena Swanson
When looking at the fine print of Dodd-Frank, regulators may have some wiggle room when it comes to whether they can look to credit ratings, and therefore state-insurance rules.
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Federal regulators order big banks to fix “living wills”

Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, others told to fix bankruptcy plans
Ben Lane
"The living wills before us fail to fully acknowledge these issues and ignores other operational issues," said Thomas Hoenig, FDIC vice chairman. "They demonstrate little ability to cope adequately with failure without some form of government support. The economy would almost surely go into crisis."
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Meeting the Challenge

The CFPB integrated mortgage disclosure rule looms large
Dan Sogorka
The CFPB Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rule (IMD Rule), which was issued November 20, 2013, and takes effect August 1, 2015, is a sweeping reform intended to benefit consumers and that will have broad industry impacts on how mortgages are manufactured within loan production environments.
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Bank of America Merrill Lynch concludes Dodd-Frank killed housing

Not coming back to life soon, either
Jacob Gaffney
“In testimony to Congress on QRM, Mr. Frank noted changing the US residential mortgage market was foremost among the very purpose of the statute,” said analysts Flanagan and Katz. And change that market it did — by sucking the life out of it.
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Before you judge Dodd-Frank...

Urban Institute: "Can we really calculate the cost?"
Brena Swanson
Now four years old, Dodd-Frank is struggling to measure up to its original design. But according to the Urban Institute, before disregarding Ddd-Frank as a fail, understand that it is complex and difficult law.
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CHLA challenges FHFA IG report on risk from smaller nonbank lenders

Report lacks evidence to support claims, ignores other key factors
Trey Garrison
The Community Home Lenders Association is challenging the Federal Housing Finance Agency IG report issued last week which had raised concerns about risks to the GSEs from increased loan purchases from smaller nonbank mortgage lenders.
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Mr. Frank goes back to Washington

Former Congressman to testify before Congress on Dodd-Frank impact
Ben Lane
"The kind of terrible mortgage loans…the abuse of mortgage loans that hurt consumers, hurt financial institutions, and hurt the economy…we outlawed them and they haven’t been made since then," former Congressman Barney Frank said in a CNBC interview. "There have been some very real accomplishments."
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