Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: What’s the diagnosis for the "sick" housing market?

6 secrets to dealing with regulations for mortgage servicers

A candid look from the perspective of 2 recovering regulators

First-time buyer GSE mortgage loans are getting far riskier

Risk index for agency mortgages for new buyers at series high

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Here's why force-placed insurance continues to get bad press

Is it time to shut it down?
Lynn Effinger
On the surface of it, most any reasonable person would understand that a mortgage lender has the right to protect its asset if the borrower is not adequately covered by homeowner’s or flood insurance policies. But here's where the controversy comes in.
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Houses passes Mortgage Choice Act of 2015 by 286-140

Bipartisan bill would reform mortgage regulations
Trey Garrison
A bill to reform mortgage industry regulations was approved by the House of Representatives late Tuesday afternoon by a substantial bipartisan majority. Here's what happened, and what happens next.
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Mortgage Choice Act goes to House floor today

Bill would ease regulatory burden on mortgage lending
Trey Garrison
A bill that mortgage lenders and housing advocates say is critical to the industry goes to the floor of the House of Representatives today. Does it go far enough, and will it make it past opponents who warn of a return to the days of high risk?
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Dodd-Frank fails again

Standard & Poor's shocking mortgage bond fraud
Jacob Gaffney
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been some time since the mortgage bond world felt shaken to the core. But shaken, right now, it feels, according to several recent conversations I’ve had on the subject.
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CFPB plows ahead with public consumer complaint database

Industry vows to halt publishing unverified, anonymous gripes
Trey Garrison
The CFPB says publishing consumer complaints is a win-win for the industry and consumers. People in the industry aren't so sure. In fact, a war is brewing, and it is starting to get ugly.
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Which banks are positioned to capitalize on stress test results?

Deeper dive into Dodd-Frank stress test
Ben Lane
The country’s biggest banks are all well-positioned to survive a severe recession, the Federal Reserve announced Thursday. But which bank was the big winner?
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MBA Servicing: Why would anyone bother to do this anymore?

Regulations are choking the life out of this business
Trey Garrison
What's the word on everyone's mind at MBA Servicing 2015? Regulations. Why does it matter? Because the cure has become worse than the illness.
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Harvard study shows Dodd-Frank just made everything worse

Dodd-Frank? More like Dodd-Frankenstein
Trey Garrison
The Harvard Kennedy School of Business looked at Dodd-Frank and found that the cure sold by the snake oil salesmen — both in political office and the corner offices —was worse than the initial ailment.
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Is risk retention the least intrusive regulation?

Thoughts on Barney Frank's latest speech
Mark Fleming
The private sector should be free to innovate and the public sector should set rules that prevent the negative externalities with minimum impedance of the private sector. In my opinion, don’t fix what (the market) didn’t break.
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Barney Frank: Risk retention is enough to regulate mortgage lending

Housing policy need not include homeownership
Trey Garrison
Former Congressman Barney Frank told capital markets professionals at the largest structured finance industry event in years that Dodd-Frank is far from perfect, but it works. Here's what he'd change, and what he'd like to see expanded on.
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