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First quarter GDP revised higher to 0.8%

Based on more complete data
The year started out better than originally estimated, according to the "second" GDP estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. National Association of Federal Credit Unions Chief Economist Curt Long noted that this is another in a string of positive data releases which will provide plenty of ammunition for the Fed to raise rates no later than July.
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Capital Economics: GDP growth likely to underwhelm in 2016

GDP rises 0.5% in 1Q
While some of the headwinds that restricted first-quarter GDP growth will disappear in the second half of the year, it would still take a lot to salvage GDP for the year. And as the Bureau of Economic Analysis cautions, the first-quarter advance estimate is based on data that is incomplete or subject to further revision.
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The GDP loses momentum

Especially in the fourth quarter
The GDP, the value of everything a nation produces, showed a significant markdown this fourth quarter compared to the 3.9% increase last spring, according to Market Watch. The economy expanded at a 2.4% clip last year, the same as in 2014, the Commerce Department said. The U.S. hasn’t topped 3% growth since 2005.
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Third quarter GDP rises 1.5%

Slightly weaker-than-expected
While third quarter GDP came in slightly weaker-than-expected, the good news is that consumers were still out spending July to September, and businesses were still investing.
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Final 2Q GDP comes in at 3.9%

Fixed residential investment a strong driver
Personal spending was stronger than expected in the second quarter, helping to drive real GDP to a very solid 3.9% annualized rate. However, the biggest push was from fixed residential investment.
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Fed: May economic activity shows signs of slowdown

Mixed bag on housing, positive news on unemployment
Early reports for the second quarter paint a mixed picture. According to the Chicago Federal Reserve, there was net improvement in May's run of economic data but not much, at least based on the national activity index. A bad sign for housing and mortgage activity in the second quarter?
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Housing in places like New York, San Francisco fail more than just the locals

Local policies curtail worker freedoms
From the mid-'60s into the new millennium, these three cities in particular experienced phenomenal growth, but only contributed a small fraction to the growth of the nation. It’s this finding last month that underpins the need for a cohesive federal housing policy that can supersede some of the directions taken by local municipalities.
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