Hey CNBC, shut up about millennials already

Hey CNBC, shut up about millennials already

Your advice is patronizing, contradictory and just plain wrong

Morgan Stanley finally pays $275 million for subprime RMBS fraud

SEC charged company with misrepresenting loans

New home sales collapse, erasing recent surge

Sales 11.5% down YOY; fall to 406,000 annual pace

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Kroll weighs in on Silver Bay Realty’s $312M rental securitization

Awards $147M in AAA ratings
July 23, 2014
“Large-scale institutional ownership and management of single-family rentals is a fairly new business model and US securitization structures of the assets are still evolving,” Kroll’s presale report states. “While SBY 2014-1 is the sixth transaction of its kind, performance data for the sector is limited.”
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Silver Bay Realty prepping $312M rental securitization

Here comes another one
July 22, 2014
Morningstar was the first of the ratings agencies to issue a presale report on the Silver Bay offering and awarded $147.75 million in AAA ratings to the class A tranche.
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Bank-held REO inventory drops 44% since 2011

Non-performing loans have also dropped nearly 50%
July 17, 2014
According to a report from BankDATAWORKS, the total REO inventory held by banks has dropped from $52.55 billion in March 2011 to $29.37 billion in March 2014. That’s a drop of 44%.
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Is the investor rush on single-family homes the next housing bubble?

Affordable housing activists say it drives up rents and fuels mass speculation
July 17, 2014
Private equity firms are driving toward a second housing bubble, spending more than $20 billion on single-family homes since 2012, housing activists say, with rents skyrocketing and corporate, absentee landlords proliferating in urban areas across America.
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American Homes 4 Rent acquires Beazer Pre-Owned Rental Homes

Move adds 1,300 sunshine and sand state properties to portfolio
July 1, 2014
American Homes 4 Rent has acquired Beazer Pre-Owned Rental Homes, adding more than 1,300 homes located in markets in Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada to the company's portfolio.
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Moody’s: Collateral quality of private label RMBS reaches benchmark

June 27, 2014
A note to clients from Moody’s Investors Service says collateral quality for private label RMBS in the limited number of new transactions issued in recent years remains as high as it was in the first post-crisis transactions.
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3 dire warnings for emerging real estate investors

Nothing like a little dose of fear
May 14, 2014
Attendance is strong at the IMN single-family rental forum in Boca Raton, and most of the attendees appear made up of the investor class. And the warning is that these new investors need to be fully away of what they're walking into.
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Smaller investors must adapt to compete

Experts explain what to do when the bigger guys come to town
May 14, 2014
As bigger players step in and out of the market, smaller investors are figuring out how to adapt in order to keep their businesses running strong.
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Here come the mom-and-pop REO-to-rental investors!

Institutional interest in the asset class peaks
April 25, 2014
According to several panelists who spoke at the MBA Single-Family Rental Summit, large institutional participation in this market may well have peaked and is giving way to smaller investor groups and individual investors.
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Congressman fires up debate on REO-to-rental

Takano wants answers on potential risks
April 9, 2014
One of the early alarm-sounders on the rise of REO-to-rental is trying to fire up the discussion over what he sees as a potential threat to the housing market in the rise of investor-owned rental homes and the securitization of REO.
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