Bank of America: 'We provide all required MSR documents'

Bank of America: 'We provide all required MSR documents'

Responds to Ginnie Mae MSR transfer block

17% of homes with a mortgage seriously underwater

Share of underwaters continues slow decline

Here are 5 bold mortgage predictions from KBW

Q1 mortgage volume predicted to be $20 billion lower

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Billion-dollar club: Rent companies form massive trade group

Colony, Invitation Homes, American Homes 4 Rent, Starwood Waypoint join forces
March 26, 2014
The National Rental Home Council is a new trade group created by major owner-operators in the single-family rental home industry, focusing on increasing education about the professionally managed single-family rental industry.
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Moody's: First rental securitization doing pretty good

3 notable developments since issuance
March 12, 2014
Moody's Investors Service, which awarded a sterling Triple-A to Invitation Homes' inaugural REO-to-rental is reporting that the performance is within expectations, with 3 notable developments.
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Moody’s readies criteria for single-family rental securitization ratings

The investor's guide to ratings
March 6, 2014
Moody’s just handed issuers a golden rubric on how to ensure their securitizations meet certain rating levels.
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Morningstar gives thumbs up to REO-to-rental deal

Invitation Homes expects vacancy rates to decline
February 19, 2014
Morningstar Credit Ratings was the first to rate Invitation Homes’ REO-to-rental securitization, and now the firm has a follow-on report on its performance.
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Blackstone shows REO-to-rental can be billion-dollar business (nearly)

Invitation Homes assets for 2013 worth $912 million
January 30, 2014
Much of the profit is due to its investments in hotel IPOs, but its activity in REO-to-rental is also particularly notable.
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The secret to making REO-to-rental viable

As an investment class it needs work but analysts say go for it
January 27, 2014
There are a large number of abandoned homes and a large class of renters, but even when the housing market settles out and people’s credit is repaired over time, REO to rental is a growth area and potentially a permanent asset class, investors think.
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Wanted: High-quality renters only, please

New-wave rental securitization will tighen application guidelines
December 11, 2013
Applications filed by renters will face increased scrutiny as rental securitizations take off. The creation of a single form to have renters fill out and then verify would likely standardize this process to a degree more acceptable to a credit ratings agency such as Morningstar.
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American Homes 4 Rent jumps on REO-to-rental wagon

Enters rental-backed bond market
November 8, 2013
American Homes 4 Rent is the latest company to capitalize on the REO-to-rental securitization market and securitize a portion of its portfolio of single-family properties.
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Single-family rental securitization market boasts near trillion-dollar potential

Blackstone-Invitation Homes deal prompts KBW to analyze the sector's overall value
November 1, 2013
The REO-to-rental securitization deal that Blackstone subsidiary Invitation Homes brought to market is just the tip of the iceberg, with KBW analysts forecasting a nearly trillion dollar market when calculating the lingering possibilities that exist for single-family rental securitization deals.
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REO-to-Rental securitization gets sterling Triple-A rating

Moody's provided risk analysis of Blackstone's Invitation Homes MBS
October 31, 2013
The credit ratings agency said it had some concerns about equity foreclosures in the deal but "both mortgages and pledges of the borrower's equity secure the loan that backs the transaction," Moody's analysts said in the pre-sale report. "Moody's was therefore able to assign high investment grade ratings to the senior certificates."
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