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Key U.S. housing markets challenged by lack of multifamily builds

Data shows construction is in line nationwide, but Colorado could use more units
November 27, 2013
A healthy apartment market balances demand against supply. With key U.S. housing markets running short on multifamily builds, a few areas, like Colorado, are suffering through rising rental prices and tighter market conditions for renters.
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America has a vacant housing problem

November 22, 2013
As reports of inventory shortages keep appearing, the driver isn't entirely that investors are crowding out retail home purchasers -- as Trulia (TRLA) chief economist Jed Kolko notes in an article appearing at The Atlantic, vacancy rates are unusually high. Homes are intentionally being kept off the market.
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California home prices return to pre-recession levels

Vacancy rates remain elevated, squeezing affordability
November 6, 2013
Broadly speaking, home price growth is pushing through despite environment headwinds such as rising interest rates, which is starting to impact the affordability of new mortgages.
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National vacancy rate edges up 8.3% in 3Q

November 5, 2013
National vacancy rates slighty increased in the third quarter, hitting 8.3% for rental housing and 1.9% for homeowner housing.
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Homeownership drops to lowest level since 1995

July 30, 2013
The seasonally adjusted homeownership rate slipped to 65.1%, the lowest since the fourth quarter of 1995, the Commerce Department said.
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