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Wells Fargo now offers 3% down payment mortgages

Allows FICO scores as low as 620
Wells Fargo is answering calls in the industry to expand the credit box. Not only did the bank announce it now offers a down payment of as little as 3% for fixed-rate mortgages, but it is accepting mortgages with a FICO score as low as 620. Here's how Greg Gwizdz, executive vice president of national retail sales with Wells Fargo, said the bank is making this program work.
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Wells Fargo to investors: This is how digital lending makes us profitable

CFO lists future plans
Established in 1852, Wells Fargo is now the largest mortgage lender in the country and is one of the first pioneers to bring digital into the mortgage process. John Shrewsberry, Wells Fargo senior executive vice president, chief financial officer, presented the bank’s financial situation at its investor day on Tuesday, shedding light into how the bank plans to thrive moving forward. One major key to its success: Digital innovation.
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5 keys to ensure security and compliance with modern mortgages

Holding complaints at bay keeps the CFPB away
In a world with increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and stricter mortgage guidelines, modern technology is the answer for risk mitigation. Here’s how mortgage settlement service providers and their lenders can guarantee security and benefit from turn-key compliance.
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Is Ditech really on the verge of layoffs?

Mortgage player not really letting anyone go
Ditech employees in Earth City, Missouri are not completely at a loss. Despite reports indicating that 103 employees at the location would be cut, there are significant details missing in the fine print. Fine print meaning, in fact, all 103 employees could still consider themselves Ditech workers.
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Digital disruption: How consumer demand is pushing lenders to a new normal

Do legacy lenders or tech startups have the advantage?
Saddled with legacy systems and burdened with changing regulations, the mortgage industry has been slow to adopt digitization compared to many other industries. Now, however, the industry must provide more transparency to regulators and satisfy consumers while managing tighter margins. In this perfect storm, there’s only one lifeboat — a digital process.
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CFPB: Top 6 mortgage complaints from consumers

Along with the most-complained-about mortgage companies
Mortgages may no longer be in the top spot for consumer complaints but that doesn’t mean they are anywhere close to out of the mix. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s latest monthly complaint report spotlights mortgages and includes 5 charts that break down the numbers.
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MBA: Mortgage applications reverse course

Decline amidst spring home-buying season
It was a slow week for mortgage applications despite it being peak buying season, with applications moving further away from the highs witnessed two weeks ago. Here’s where applications fell short.
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