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Digital disruption: How consumer demand is pushing lenders to a new normal

Do legacy lenders or tech startups have the advantage?
Saddled with legacy systems and burdened with changing regulations, the mortgage industry has been slow to adopt digitization compared to many other industries. Now, however, the industry must provide more transparency to regulators and satisfy consumers while managing tighter margins. In this perfect storm, there’s only one lifeboat — a digital process.
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CFPB: Top 6 mortgage complaints from consumers

Along with the most-complained-about mortgage companies
Mortgages may no longer be in the top spot for consumer complaints but that doesn’t mean they are anywhere close to out of the mix. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s latest monthly complaint report spotlights mortgages and includes 5 charts that break down the numbers.
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MBA: Mortgage applications reverse course

Decline amidst spring home-buying season
It was a slow week for mortgage applications despite it being peak buying season, with applications moving further away from the highs witnessed two weeks ago. Here’s where applications fell short.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Should mortgage lenders consider payday loans?

Plus, the most polluted housing market in the country
The same regulators that have driven up mortgage loan origination costs are now training their sights on payday lenders. Payday lending rules proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would prevent consumers from re-borrowing to pay the interest on these loans, but has other consequences that hurt both lenders and consumers.
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Close call: Some credit unions barely avoid onerous regulation

At-home offices safe for now
Robin Sidel’s article is titled: “Safe at Home: Small Credit Unions Dodge Rule Requiring Office Space” and opens with the revelation that there are many, many credit unions so tiny they operate out of the owner’s home. Well, those credit unions may have just dodged a bullet, unlike the big bankers.
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Here's how to prepare for a CFPB audit

Build a compliant framework in these 5 steps
Audits are announced with only a few weeks’ notice — if your house isn’t in order by the time the audit is scheduled, it’s likely too late to establish a track record of building internal policies that show evidence of protecting consumers and training employees to act in accordance with CFPB best practices.
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Will PHH accomplish the unthinkable against the CFPB?

Here's how a court victory may change the mortgage biz forever
The PHH tactic represents not only one of the few instances where a mortgage company challenged penalties from the CFPB, but an equally rare case of landing in front of a court that doesn't take the government's side. If PHH wins, it may change the entire regulatory landscape, and here's how.
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Independent mortgage bankers see increased profits in 2015

Profits are up for the year, despite losses in 4Q
Despite losses throughout the second half of the year due to increased TRID regulations, the Mortgage Bankers Association reports an increase in profits for 2015. The stronger start at the beginning of the year helped keep profits up from 2014 and offset the impacts of TRID.
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