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Trending Thursday: End Fannie, Freddie — because big banks will fill the void, right?

Spoiler: Wrong
Should we trust that the Too Big To Fails, which — rightfully — want to squeeze out every bit of profit possible for shareholders, with housing entirely? (People who think mortgage banking is boring probably say the same about baseball.) And what do China bankers have to do with rate hikes here? Find out inside.
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Kain: Big opportunity in mortgages lies ahead

Best still ahead, Kain tells clients at MREIT presentation
The bulk of the potential benefits from the post-housing crisis structural changes to the mortgage market haven’t been realized yet, American Capital Agency and American Capital Mortgage CIO Gary Kain said in the firm’s Mortgage REIT day presentation.
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REITs caught between a rock and a hard place

Hedging for interest rate volatility can make or break them
To taper or not to taper? The latest jobs data suggests a tapering of Fed asset purchases is right around the corner. But, unfortunately, this spells uncertainty for mortgage real estate investment trusts that are heavily influenced by interest-rate fluctuations.
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HW 30 climbs after Fed Chair nominee testifies

Janet Yellen to keep her foot on the QE gas pedal
Housing stocks remained undeterred after Federal Reserve chair nominee Janet Yellen testified in front of the Senate Banking Committee Thursday. In fact, the HW 30 posted significant gains after Yellen showed no signs of taking her foot off the QE gas pedal.
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mREITs fail to match earnings estimates

QE3 uncertainty, rising rates pressure market volatility
Going into earnings season, many experts were cautious on the book values for agency and hybrid mortgage real estate investment trusts, fearing that significant volatility would spook the market into further deleveraging or hedging portfolios.
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