Top 5 cities where safety is not a question

Top 5 cities where safety is not a question

Number one shouldn't be a shocker

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FHFA scorecard should be marked tardy

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California dreaming? Be prepared to pay up

State is home to the 8 most expensive cities to buy a home
April 18, 2014
It basically takes gold to live in the Golden State.
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RE/MAX: March home sales build momentum for 2014

All 52 metro areas record increase in sales
April 18, 2014
March home sales increased over the previous month for the first time in 2014, rising 24.6% from February, in addition to all 52 metro areas surveyed reporting an increase in sales over February.
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California home prices reach highest level in 6 years, don’t slow home sales

April 16, 2014
In March, the median price for a home rose to $366,000, which was up $16,000 from February and marks the highest price since March 2008. Despite the high price tag, home and condominium sales were up nearly 21% for the month.
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1 in 3 homes is unaffordable and a bubble is forming

Zillow study shows drastic housing affordability gap
April 4, 2014
More than half the homes currently on the market in seven major American metros are currently unaffordable for local residents, and one-third of homes for sale are unaffordable by historic standards.
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Buyers bounce back into vacation home market

While investment home sales were down 8.5%
April 2, 2014
Vacation home sales jumped 29.7% to an estimated 717,000 in 2013, up from 553,000 in 2012.
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5 best and worst rental return markets

Looking to make some extra cash?
April 1, 2014
CoreLogic reported Tuesday that home prices have increased year-over-year for two years straight, so how does this impact the rental community and investors?
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SellerNation offers the best of both worlds: One part broker, one part auction

New company represents sellers only, doesn't charge a commission
March 31, 2014
SellerNation, a Detroit-based company, combines the urgency of a real estate auction with the expertise of real estate brokers to speed up the home selling process.
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BofA: Fed seems OK with declining home sales

Don't expect any increase in economic help
March 31, 2014
"Moreover, at this point, given the continued weakness in mortgage purchase activity, there is no evidence that a robust turn or recovery in sales will be seen in the months ahead," according to BofA analysts.
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Las Vegas cool down continues

February home sales figures reached their lowest level since 2009
March 27, 2014
Las Vegas home sales have fallen on a year-over-year basis in each of the last five months.
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Did you really think investors could keep away from THIS market?

The share of investor all-cash home purchases hit 74.5% in February
March 24, 2014
All-cash investors are coming back into the home market at a rate not seen since last spring. The activity is hammering FHA market share.
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