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Homeowners still overestimate what their home is actually worth

Appraised values continue to be lower than expected
As the appraised values drop lower than expected, home values continued to slowly climb in March. San Jose, Denver, San Francisco, Dallas and Houston were the highest in appraiser value, while in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit values came in lower.
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Fort Worth homeowners face uphill challenge to fight county appraisal values

Appraisal methods questionable?
Homeowners in the area started getting notices last week and they have until the end of May to file protests of the increases. However, filing a protest requires comparing the data on comparable home values, which are now tied up because of a lawsuit filed by the appraisal district's software licensing vendors.
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Study: Home values increase when solar panels get installed

Research considers appraisal values of homes across six states
Homebuyers question the effect solar energy would have on their home value. A new study across six states suggests that it could increase the price of the home, but raises serious questions concerning the methodology of the appraisers, especially in areas where there are no comparable home sales.
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Appraisal volume modestly rises

Four-week average remains stable
It was another good week for appraisal volume, with this week's rise pushing the four-week moving average higher. While refinance activity is down, the positive home buying season is helping counteract this.
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Homeowner expectations and appraisal values divided as gap widens

Hard to keep up in today's fast-paced housing market
For the first time in six months, the gap between appraisal and owner estimates of home values widened. Quicken Loans' chief economist noted that while it is always disappointing for homeowners to learn they don’t have quite the home equity they expected, the gap still falls within a normal range.
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