2 reasons the single-family rental securitization market won’t exceed $20 billion

Should mortgage technology and data be universally shared?

Yes, and no

Structural changes, oversight and second-lien reform critical for PL MBS

The game has to be changed to bring back private label capital

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Lenders are key part of solution
Alan Hummel
The most significant obstacle for many trainee appraisers is completing the 2,500 hours of required experience to achieve Certified Residential status, after the education component has been completed.
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Where's the key to unlocking the door to homeownership?

Access to credit remains unacceptably tight
Pamela Hughes Patenaude
A key question is whether a rigid reliance on credit scores, at the expense of meaningful underwriting of the borrower, is worth the price of diminished access to mortgage credit. Does this reliance make sense when the most risky and objectionable products (such as “no doc” loans and “interest-only ARMs”) have been effectively banned from the marketplace?
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Veros confirmed as FHA mortgage-appraisal portal partner

Currently provides similar portal services for Fannie and Freddie
Ben Lane
Veros will now serve as the a uniform appraisal portal provider for Fannie, Freddie, VA, USDA and FHA loans.
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FHA launching Fannie, Freddie-style appraisal portal

Will be similar to Uniform Collateral Data Portal
Ben Lane
The FHA is working to launch The Electronic Appraisal Delivery portal in 2015 after a period of testing this summer.
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It's time to debunk the 3 biggest myths about your AMC

This shouldn't happen with your Appraisal Management Company
Roger Beane

With the goal of shedding light on some important truths that can protect lenders from the high cost of non-compliance, the CEO of LRES debunks three of the most popular myths about AMCs.

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2014 starts strong for StreetLinks appraiser program

Brena Swanson
Since its launch in August of 2013, appraisal management company StreetLinks Lender Solutions has continued to experience growth as the industry settles into 2014’s new regulations.
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Claim: Fannie Mae bought badly appraised loans despite warnings

Freddie Mac did it, too
Jacob Gaffney
FHFA review: Over 4,500 of appraisals presented to the portal generated more than one warning message. Despite these alerts, Fannie Mae purchased all of the loans for over $13 billion.
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Subset of higher-priced mortgages receive appraisal exemptions

Brena Swanson
A separate subset of higher-priced mortgage loans are exempt from certain appraisal requirements to help save borrowers time and money while still ensuring that the loans are financially sound.
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PCV Murcor: Appraisal industry ready for new oversight era

Costs may challenge smaller, less established firms
Kerri Ann Panchuk
Getting an appraisal right is essential when you work in the real estate valuations sector. And in the post-Dodd Frank world, it’s more than essential—it’s critical to a firm’s reputation and very survival, executives with real estate valuations firm PCV Murcor said.
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AMC Links launches correspondent program

Helps companies fulfill compliance regulations
HousingWire Staff
AMC Links, an appraisal management company, announced the development of its correspondent program, which is designed to help companies adhere to compliance regulations.
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