TRID is a real obstacle to mortgage process

Fed adopts new rule limiting 'too big to fail' bailouts

New emergency lending policy targets 'broad-based' issues, not specific firms

FHFA announces 2016 conforming loan limits

Much of U.S. left unchanged; limits increase in 39 ‘high-cost’ counties

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From HW Magazine

2015 Trailblazers: Global DMS

Centralizing all aspects of the appraisal process
Global DMS has developed an appraisal work-flow engine — eTrac Enterprise — that gives users a single-source valuation management platform to centralize all aspects of the appraisal process. This work-flow engine eliminates the need for manual intervention within specified processes because all of the steps and notifications are automated.
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From HW Magazine

Tech Innovator: Centric Technology Solutions refines the appraisal process

New platform connects lenders, appraisers and AMCs for more transparency
For appraisers, the platform’s embedded guidelines mean fewer revisions, so they can not only complete more valuations, but do so with greater clarity. New appraisers can be brought on board quickly with educational opportunities built into the platform, which could shorten the appraiser’s learning curve by 60% to 80%.
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HUD watchdog issues warning on fraudulent, inflated reverse mortgage appraisals

Turns out the housing industry isn’t done with these yet
In the run-up to the financial crisis, fraudulent appraisal schemes ran rampant in the housing industry, eventually leading to the complete overhaul of the property appraisal system and the rise of appraisal management companies. As it turns out, schemes like that have not been completely forced out of the industry.
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Feds announce 2016 threshold for smaller, 'higher-priced’ loan appraisal exemption

Exemption amount remains at same level as 2015
The Federal Reserve Board, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency announced the annual adjustment of the dollar amount used to determine whether a small loan is exempt from the special appraisal requirements that apply to higher-priced mortgage loans.
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The industry is in dire need of appraisers

And fast
Sixty-two percent of appraisers are 51 and older, and as more retire over the next few years, it could mean longer waits, higher fees and even lower-quality appraisals. Will there be enough appraisers in the industry five years from now?
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CoesterVMS names Kevin Klosterman director of valuations

Brings more than 25 years of experience
In this role, Klosterman will be responsible for training CoesterVMS’ national network of appraisers regarding the company’s existing and new valuation products. He also will be instrumental in the development of future applications, the company said in a release.
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Gap between what homeowners and appraisers think is improving

Quicken Loans: Marks the second month the gap narrowed
For the second consecutive month, the spread has tightened between average home appraisals and what homeowners think their house will appraise for. Quicken Loans added that while it’s too early to call it a trend, it is encouraging to see the gap between the estimates homeowners provide and the appraised values starting to narrow.
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Freddie Mac announces new program designed to make it easier for lenders to lend

Loan Advisor Suite aims to give clarification in appraisal process, reduce repurchase risk
As part of an effort to provide lenders with certainty, support and solutions, Freddie Mac announced a new program that should enable lenders to lend more confidently, armed with more knowledge about how Freddie Mac views the loans it purchases. Meet Freddie Mac's Loan Advisor Suite.
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Clayton Holdings acquires title agency and AMC ValuAmerica

Expands Clayton's scope of title and valuation
In its latest venture in the industry, Clayton Holdings, a provider of loan due diligence and services to the mortgage and real estate industries, announced it acquired ValuAmerica, national title agency, appraisal management company and technology provider.
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