[Chart] FHA mortgage insurance boom in the works?

[Chart] FHA mortgage insurance boom in the works?

MBA notes impact of cutting MIPs

loanDepot officially files for IPO

Number of shares, price range to be determined

Did Sen. Corker violate SEC rules, Senate ethics by telling investors to short GSEs?

Made questionable remarks on CNBC regarding stocks

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Clayton Holdings acquires title agency and AMC ValuAmerica

Expands Clayton's scope of title and valuation
In its latest venture in the industry, Clayton Holdings, a provider of loan due diligence and services to the mortgage and real estate industries, announced it acquired ValuAmerica, national title agency, appraisal management company and technology provider.
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Trending Thursday: Staring right at the next housing crisis

Plus GSE reform is all sound, fury and nothing right now
There’s another housing crisis brewing, and it has nothing to do with housing price bubbles or the perpetual Fannie, Freddie conservatorship. Also, if the latest appraisal volume is an indicator of market strength, we're in trouble. All this and more.
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The Wrap: Appraisal volume back on the upswing

Plus the real deal on Millennial aspirations, big moves among appraisers
The week beginning Aug. 9 stopped the month-long downward trend with a 2.34% rise in the number of appraisals nationally, says Kevin Golden, director of analytics for a la mode inc. Plus moves in the appraisal industry, the lowdown on younger buyers and more.
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MCS Valuations closing Utah office

Consolidating operations into Texas, Florida, Louisiana offices
MCS Valuations, a nationwide provider of appraisals, broker price opinions, and other valuation-related products to the financial services industry, announced Tuesday that it will be closing Utah office and consolidating its operations into several of its other locations.
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