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Want to become a mortgage broker? Here are tips on how to get started

What are the common misconceptions?
Mortgage brokers fall into the entrepreneur/startup category of the mortgage finance world. After taking a serious hit in the aftermath of the financial crisis, the industry is seeing a rebound in interest, especially as people think about how much money they can make if they work hard. So do you have what it takes to become a broker? Here's some advice from brokers themselves on where to start.
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Zillow acquires Bridge Interactive

MLS back-office software provider
“Bridge Interactive has an outstanding team that has pioneered some of the industry’s most innovative solutions for helping MLSs and brokers manage their data,” said Errol Samuelson, Zillow chief industry development officer.
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Freddie Mac launches online tool to help real estate professionals

Aims to strengthen customer connections and much more
Freddie Mac recently launched an online real estate professionals resource center, which is designed to keep real estate agents, brokers, housing counselors, and other practitioners on top of the latest affordable mortgage products, training, and networking opportunities as well as customizable promotion tools.
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Lenda expands into Oregon

Continues its rapid growth
While Lenda has caused some stir in the industry due to its unique approach to mortgage lending, it is faring quite well in the market, which includes its latest expansion into Oregon.
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REO agents and brokers deserve to be paid more

The paperwork alone can be mind-boggling
Without necessarily intending to, I am going through this process currently as it relates to REO management, marketing and disposition. And it is an eye-opening process, indeed, even for this longtime veteran of this industry.
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4 tech troubles brokers and agents need to fix right now

The mortgage market could use this help
From agents approaching going mobile with the wrong priorities to brokers not using available data that could give great insight into their business to anyone not understanding the value of online ratings — there are many ways real estate professionals aren’t getting the most out of their technology.
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Agents, brokers make lemonade from frozen concentrate

Industry makes the most of networking amid winter traffic slowdown
It is not all bad news for the housing market due to the unusually cold winter. In fact, originators and real estate agents are looking to gain from the situation, preparing themselves for the upcoming spring homebuying season.
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