Where's Watt?

Where's Watt?

FHFA scorecard should be marked tardy

17% of homes with a mortgage seriously underwater

Share of underwaters continues slow decline

Key MERS legal employees turn away from company

Company now under federal scrutiny

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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Will home sales spring up?

5% growth in housing demand but 14% increase in supply
March 9, 2014
A wrap of the big numbers facing the housing economy right now. Also, can you guess how many homeowners have experienced foreclosure since the housing market peaked in 2006?
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Home price momentum fades in the stretch

Good news: What's bad for sellers is good for buyers
February 25, 2014
Home price momentum is fading and all the positive spin isn't going to change that anytime soon. The hidden good news may be it slows the housing affordability gap.
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Is the housing sector a drag on the U.S. economy?

January 31, 2014
The headlines in most news stories and economic commentaries indicate that the housing market is continuing to improve and with it the U.S. economy. But if you dig into the numbers a bit, the reality in the housing market is a good bit more subtle than the headlines suggest.
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S&P/Case-Shiller: Home prices still increasing despite slight cooling off

Shiller records seventeenth consecutive monthly annual basis increase
December 31, 2013
Hitting a record gain since February 2006 and marking the seventeenth consecutive month that both composites increased on an annual basis, the 10-city and 20-city composites posted year-over-year gains of 13.6%.
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Robert Shiller: Homes remain affordable despite price increases

October 30, 2013
Although home prices rose at their fastest pace in seven years, Robert Shiller, co-founder of the S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, said homes are still affordable.
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Shiller: Housing warms up, but no bubbling

September 30, 2013
The talk of whether there is now a new bubble in housing is becoming cocktail-party discussion fodder yet again. But is there actually a bubble? Yale economics professor and co-namesake of perhaps the most popular housing price index (the S&P/Case-Shiller HPI) weighs in on the topic this weekend in an op-ed in The New York Times.
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Housing supply catches up with demand

Prices expected to balance out month to month
August 5, 2013
Those fearing the housing bubble apocalypse can finally breathe.
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