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New Penn Financial enters non-QM lending

Product appeals to high-end customers
Brena Swanson
New Penn Financial entered into the burgeoning non-Qualified Mortgage territory and introduced the Home Buyer Power product. The product appeals to high-end customers who may be paying expensive metro-area rents.
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The ditech key to correspondent lending

Begins to focus on community banks and credit unions
Brena Swanson
As more lenders revise or grow their correspondent lending divisions, there is one strategy that seems to be working best for them.
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ShellPoint brings latest RMBS deal to market

Strong collateral and borrowers position issuer for AAA ratings
Christina Mlynski
Mortgage-bond guru Lewis Ranieri’s Shellpoint Partners is set to issue its second private-label RMBS, reporting strong borrower credit attributes to beef up its collateral quality.
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From HW Magazine

Return of the correspondent lender

An uneven road lies ahead -- but at least there's a road to begin with
Jacob Gaffney and Bryan Kay
Gabe Medrano just started as the go-to guy for the correspondent lending division at NexBank, and already he is seeing something he doesn't like. In front of him early on a Thursday morning, on his computer monitor, the Dow Jones Industrial Average...
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Friday Funding

New Penn Financial brings consistency to correspondent market

Brena Swanson
A discussion with Lisa Schreiber at New Penn Financial.
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