Ex-NFL star sentenced to five years in prison for mortgage fraud

Ex-NFL star sentenced to five years in prison for mortgage fraud

Irving Fryar and his mother convicted of conspiring to steal $1.2M

Experian hacked: 15 million people’s credit data stolen in breach

Credit reporting agency becomes latest victim of data breach

Here's what today's job creation implosion means for housing and mortgage finance

Jobs crater, labor participation rate near 40-year low and zero wage growth

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RealtyTrac: Share of in-foreclosure sales hits 15-year low

Cash sales hit 8-year low
Sales of properties in-foreclosure and cash sales were down from a year ago to multi-year lows while year-to-date U.S. home sales in 2015 are at an eight-year high, and the U.S. median home price in July was at an 82-month high. Say what you will, this is one area of housing that's slowly fading. Read on.
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New housing policy foundation breaks silence on housing crisis

Ladies and gentlemen, the J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families
Housing and mortgage finance reform either gets shuffled off to arguments in congressional subcommittees that go nowhere, or just plain ignored by policymakers. A new foundation with a power lineup plans to change all that, and they may have the capital to do it.
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The history of housing in 5 charts

Coldwell Banker survey reveals the lessons we've learned
A financial crisis and recovery later, the housing market looks nothing like it did 20 years ago. A new survey from Coldwell Banker shows in 5 charts just how different the market is.
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Zillow: Rents gallop past home values in April

Rents grew at 4% annually while home values saw 3% growth
Rents for residential housing in the United States grew at their fastest pace in two years in April, surpassing home values. There’s good news and bad news in this, and a growing gap to come. Want to know more?
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Redfin: Sara Stevens’ new take on homeownership

With homeownership at a new low, Redfin digs deeper on what’s happening
A year ago Lorraine Woellert was a reporter for Bloomberg, where she told the story of Sara Stevens, daughter of a guy who knows a little about homeownership and mortgages. Now that Woellert is at Redfin, she revisited the issue and the daughter to look at what's really happening in housing.
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