Freddie Mac: Here are the top 5 improving metro markets for housing

The Census Bureau is cooking the new home sales numbers

You can’t make bricks with imaginary straw

The 12 hottest housing markets right now

And the biggest losers in the price growth race

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10 reasons why people don’t get a mortgage

It’s not just because of finances
Brena Swanson
While there is still a widespread preference for homeownership in America, 35% of households still rent, and of them, 20% report no intentions to buy. Here’s why.
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Census Bureau: Homeownership continues to drop

Northeast, South rental vacancy rates drop
Brena Swanson
The national vacancy rate hovered around 7.4% for rental housing and 1.8% for homeowner housing, barely moving from the second quarter’s results.
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Marriage ignites the desire to buy a home

...except people aren’t getting married
Brena Swanson
Marriage is no longer at the forefront of Americans' minds as more people choose to delay marriage, creating a ripple effect that pushes the prospect of homeownership further back.
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Here are the 14 most outrageously expensive neighborhoods for renters

Markets where you'll spend more than half your income on living
Brena Swanson
Owning a home is becoming more affordable, while renting is becoming more expensive than ever, especially in these 14 neighborhoods.
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This chart proves mortgage credit availability isn’t improving

Isn't get worse, either
Ben Lane
“We think tight mortgage credit and weak demand for mortgage credit are key driving forces behind the slow growth recovery story and the positive technical story for securitized products,” BofAML’s Chris Flanagan, Gregory Fitter and Mao Ding said in the new Securitization Weekly Overview.
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Millennials start to move out of their parents' houses

… but still not buying
Brena Swanson
Although millennials are moving out from their parents’ homes, they are still not buying their own houses. Instead, they are choosing to rent.
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Fannie Mae widens credit box for failed homeowners

Updates minimum wait periods
Brena Swanson

Good news for failed homeowners: Fannie Mae updated the policy related to the minimum waiting periods following a preforeclosure sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, making it easier for borrowers to jump back into the market.

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Freddie Mac: Paying the mortgage isn’t enough

Reminds homeowners of their financial responsibilities
Jacob Gaffney
Freddie Mac does great blogs. They’re simple, educational and sometimes so obviously necessary you wonder why there isn’t more of this kind of thing out there.
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It’s a landlord’s world, you just rent in it

Single-family rental continues growth as homeownership shrinks
Trey Garrison
Although investor activity peaked in 2012, it’s still abnormally high and with rental demand rising and supply dwindling, investors will continue to snap up distressed properties and existing homes. Meanwhile, homeownership continues to decline.
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Rents up 15% while incomes up 0%

Rents have risen 15% nationwide since 1990, while incomes have flatlined.
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