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Donald Trump talks housing (and everything else) in speech to homebuilders

Republican nominee plays to the crowd, touches on housing and homebuilding
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke Thursday to the National Association of Home Builders. And in a wide-ranging speech that touched on the Iraq War, the current political climate in the Middle East, and much more, Trump doubled down on his claim that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and President Obama are the "founders of ISIS." He even managed to mix in some housing talk as well.
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Rental surge: Why more people are opting out of homeownership

Renting becomes a long-term alternative for many
Has the Great Recession launched a new era of renting versus buying that will eventually result in a nation where more people rent their homes than purchase them? Or is the increase in renters these days due to an “over-correction” in the market? According to the latest “State of the Nation’s Housing” report from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, the U.S., in less than a decade, lost all its homeownership gains of the last 20 years.
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Homeownership rate falls again, nearing all-time low

So much for the supposed recovery
Just over two months ago, it seemed like there might finally be a light at the end of the tunnel as the homeownership rate in the United States increased for the second straight quarter, after falling to a 48-year low in the second quarter of 2015. But as it turns out, that growth may have been a mirage.
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