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PulteGroup's very public squabble yet to hurt bottom line

Beats revenue and earnings expectations
If you're looking at financial data to be your tell all of a company's health, PulteGroup is doing quite alright, according to its first-quarter earnings. This is important news given the recent, unusually public, and still ongoing, battle over the questionable leadership of the homebuilder's executive team. However, the earnings might not have come soon enough.
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PulteGroup CEO steps down in face of company pressure

Founder and board asks him to resign
After more than 20 years with the homebuilder, PulteGroup CEO Richard Dugas was pressured to resign by two of the highest powers in the company due to disputes over the homebuilder’s direction. Conveniently, a recent Q&A with Dugas revealed some of his plans for the company. So what happened?
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Why won’t homebuilders better serve Millennials?

It's a chicken-or-the-egg situation
Millennials are slow to enter the housing market, and there’s an extreme shortage of inventory in the housing market. So which problem gets solved first? As it stands, both areas are finally expected to take off over the next few years.
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Homebuilder confidence hits 10-year high, again

Homebuilders haven’t been this confident since before the housing crisis
The nation’s homebuilders’ confidence in the market for newly constructed single-family homes continued rising in October, to a level not seen since before the housing crisis began. Here's why they're so confident right now.
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