Senate approves short sale tax break

Senate approves short sale tax break

Allows tax relief on 2014 short sales

Senate fails to pass Terrorism Risk Insurance Act

Housing groups "extremely disappointed" in "alarming failure"

Another regulator investigates Ocwen Financial

Ocwen’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year just got worse

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Americans are 40% poorer than before the recession

This is your “recovery”
Trey Garrison
If it seems like for all the talk of recovery, job gains and such feel a bit empty, there’s a reason.
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Household wealth hits new record

Key to boosting the economic recovery?
Brena Swanson

Americans' wealth hit the highest level ever in the second quarter, following a rise in stocks and home prices. This could ramp up consumer borrowing, which could be the key to boosting the economic recovery.

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Fannie Mae: Americans increasingly skeptical on housing

Housing survey shows people lack economic confidence
Trey Garrison
Consumer attitudes about the direction of the economy overall have grown more negative and Americans’ attitudes toward the housing market remain mixed, a new survey says.
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Capital Economics: US economy about to shift into high gear

Woo-hoo! Higher wages on the way!
Jacob Gaffney
“The fiscal drag has eased, household debt has fallen to more manageable levels and property prices have recovered,” according to the executive summary of the third quarter Global Economic Outlook from the analytics firm.
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Confidence index hits high in time for spring homebuying

Present situation indicator at highest in almost six years
Trey Garrison
It may be a good time to get homebuyers off the fence as the Conference Board's consumer confidence index’s present situation component rose 4.4 points to 81.7.
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Eminent threat: What our cities can do to speed the recovery?

Rick Grant
Regardless of what any national firm or the federal government may wish, real estate always was and always will remain a local business, ruled by players on a local scale. No amount of federal legislation or federal regulatory oversight will change this.
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The biggest threat to the nation's housing recovery: mortgages

Mortgages are driving economic tailwinds, for now -- but what about later?
Jacob Gaffney and Bryan Kay
In late June, the rally in the stock market came to a crashing halt. Jittery investors watched from the sidelines as their bearish side took control, unable to do anything but watch the New York Stock Exchange slip below 15,000 — victims of their own making.
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Fed policymakers wield fate of recovery

Between 2009 and 2012, 14 Fed policy makers made more than 200 predictions in speeches and congressional testimony, an article in The Wall Street Journal said.
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Fannie economists watch rates closely, but remain positive on housing

Jobs, not rates, are the key to economic recovery
Kerri Ann Panchuk
The nascent housing recovery is expected to continue with job numbers showing year-to-date growth in recent months and the housing market's momentum holding up...
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