Sources: Morris Schneider Wittstadt declaring bankruptcy, closing immediately

Sources: Morris Schneider Wittstadt declaring bankruptcy, closing immediately

LandCastle Title’s operations will not be affected

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Yellen: If nothing changes, expect higher interest rates this year

Contingent on “continued improvement” in labor market conditions
Ben Lane
As predicted by many economists, the Federal Reserve is indeed considering raising the Federal Funds Rate later this year, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said Friday. And if the economy improves as expected, she believes it will be “appropriate” for the Fed to raise the Federal Funds Rate this year, which in turn, would affect mortgage interest rates.
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Jobless claims rise well above expectations

Weekly jump of 12K not expected
Trey Garrison
Jobless claims were expected to decline last week, but they rose against analyst expectations. Here's where the trouble was.
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Trouble ahead: Tidal wave of HELOC resets about to hit

Bubble borrowers about to see payments spike
Trey Garrison
Home equity lines of credit taken during the big housing bubble just before the crash may result in a dramatic spike in payments for millions of homeowners with HELOCs. Will it upset a fragile economic recovery?
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President Obama: No more housing initiatives

Middle class focus and praise for increased regulation
Sarah Wheeler

"We believed that sensible regulations could prevent another crisis, shield families from ruin, and encourage fair competition. Today, we have new tools to stop taxpayer-funded bailouts, and a new consumer watchdog to protect us from predatory lending and abusive credit card practices."

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Initial jobless claims decline slightly for the week

4-week rolling average ticks down marginally
Trey Garrison
Jobless claims declined slightly, with some of it being seasonal employment in time for the holiday season. Here are the details.
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Americans are 40% poorer than before the recession

This is your “recovery”
Trey Garrison
If it seems like for all the talk of recovery, job gains and such feel a bit empty, there’s a reason.
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Household wealth hits new record

Key to boosting the economic recovery?
Brena Swanson

Americans' wealth hit the highest level ever in the second quarter, following a rise in stocks and home prices. This could ramp up consumer borrowing, which could be the key to boosting the economic recovery.

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Fannie Mae: Americans increasingly skeptical on housing

Housing survey shows people lack economic confidence
Trey Garrison
Consumer attitudes about the direction of the economy overall have grown more negative and Americans’ attitudes toward the housing market remain mixed, a new survey says.
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Capital Economics: US economy about to shift into high gear

Woo-hoo! Higher wages on the way!
Jacob Gaffney
“The fiscal drag has eased, household debt has fallen to more manageable levels and property prices have recovered,” according to the executive summary of the third quarter Global Economic Outlook from the analytics firm.
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Confidence index hits high in time for spring homebuying

Present situation indicator at highest in almost six years
Trey Garrison
It may be a good time to get homebuyers off the fence as the Conference Board's consumer confidence index’s present situation component rose 4.4 points to 81.7.
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