Top 5 cities where safety is not a question

Top 5 cities where safety is not a question

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Mortgage rates drop in time for spring homebuying

Freddie Mac: Rates ease a bit
April 10, 2014
As the market heads into the spring homebuying season, mortgage rates moved down slightly, erasing the increases seen over the past two weeks.
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Zillow: 30-year FRMs drop for second week in a row

User survey finds gradual drop over two weeks
April 8, 2014
Mortgage rates for 30-year fixed mortgages dropped for the second week in a row, according to Zillow.
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CoreLogic economist: 3 reasons you should be rationally exuberant on housing

Supply and demand matter more than bubbles and affordability
April 8, 2014
An asset bubble is defined by irrational exuberance as exhibited by excess demand. Isn’t the rule, you can’t have your cake and eat it too?
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Fixed mortgage rates hit highest level since mid-January

Rates quiet amid light economic reports
April 3, 2014
Mortgage rates are quiet from last week and relatively unchanged after light economic reports. However, the coming jobs report on Friday could change things.
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Living the Hawaii life is about to get more expensive

Median home prices in Honolulu expected to reach $700,000 for the first time ever
April 2, 2014
Hawaiian home prices and mortgage rates are expected to increase over the next two years, making it a little more expensive to live the “lei’d” back lifestyle.
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The mortgage industry's next real threat

Forget underwater mortgages; the real problem is mortgage rates
March 31, 2014
Negative equity lock-in represents the threat that’s been in plain view for years now. But it’s what the market doesn’t yet see coming that’s the real problem. That threat? So called “rate lock-in effects,” according to researchers at the Institute for Housing Studies and DePaul University, who studied the effect using in-depth housing data for Cook County, Chicago.
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Mortgage rates tick up after slight decline

Rates up after Fed Chair Yellen FOMC remarks
March 27, 2014
Average fixed mortgage rates were up a bit from last week, applying additional pressure for those local markets that are already feeling an affordability pinch, according to Freddie Mac. This follows last week’s slight downtick.
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Freddie Mac: Mortgage rates won't hit rock bottom again

But won't go to 18% either
March 24, 2014
The all-time record low – since Freddie Mac began tracking mortgage rates in 1971 – was 3.31% in November 2012. Conversely, the all-time record high occurred in October of 1981, hitting 18.63%.
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Dallas Fed: 3 reasons the housing recovery is sustainable

Everything is awesome
March 14, 2014
Fed author outlines three factors that are broadly consistent with the sustainability of the recovery of real house prices. And this condition appears to have been met, considering evidence from several key measures.
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Mortgage rates edge up to 4.37% on 30-year FRM

Continued slow growth expected
March 13, 2014
Average fixed mortgage rates climbed following a week with little new economic and housing news, according to Freddie Mac.
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