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U.S. Bancorp profits increase in Q2

Earnings come in ahead of expectations
Bancorp just announced its earnings, and the results were better than analysts expected. In a time when banks are struggling to make a profit due to low interest rates, Bancorp came out on top.
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The silver lining to low mortgage rates for banks

2 areas they can still make profits
As borrowers continue to widely benefit from low interest rates, the same can't be said for banks, with lenders searching for ways to earn money. The good news is there are two different ways banks can still make a profit in today’s tighter market.
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Payroll employment numbers skyrocket in June

Makes up ground from May
The jobs report came in much higher than anyone expected, in stark contrast to May. After last month’s shockingly low jobs report, many speculated on what that would mean for both the economy and the mortgage rates. Now with this month's report, while an improvement, not everyone sees it as good news.
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Brexit proved too much a wild card for Fed officials

June meeting shows interest rates impact concern
Minutes released from the Fed’s June meeting show how dependent raising rates this year is to the Brexit decision, and the role other economic factors, such as the jobs report, played in the decision not to raise rates. Here's how the esteemed board reasoned their decision on interest rates.
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U.S. Treasury yields fall to lowest level ever

What does this mean for mortgage rates?
The yield on the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note fell to its lowest level ever Tuesday, signaling that this extremely low interest rate environment isn’t going anywhere quickly. Mortgage applications already surged on Wednesday, and that didn't even include this new record low in yields.
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