Freddie Mac: Here are the top 5 improving metro housing markets

It’s official: Steve Horne out as Wingspan CEO

Jason Spooner takes over; Horne becomes senior advisor

This is why Fannie and Freddie mortgage initiatives won't work

MBA declarations are feel-good, but temporary

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Will HELOCs and nonbank lending contribute to another housing bubble?

This isn't homeowner confidence, it's madness
Lynn Effinger
In most areas of the country an apples-to-apples comparison of home equity increases have not occurred, which could mean the problem is not going to be as bad as before. But the desire to pay off debt, offset lower or even lost wages, or just keep ahead of inflation could cause another credit/housing bubble.
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ZeroHedge: America’s most important housing metro flashing red

San Francisco is the canary in the bubble coalmine
Trey Garrison
Well, in the aftermath of yesterday's data which beyond a reasonable doubt showed that the Chinese housing bubble has burst, we can now report that the "flashing red" market that is San Francisco was just smacked by a "double whammy" perfect storm.
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Trulia: We are not headed toward another housing bubble

Home prices still undervalued nationally
Ben Lane
“We’d be at greater risk of heading toward a bubble if price gains were still accelerating, but they’re not,” Trulia's Chief Economist Jed Kolko said. “Even in the bubbliest markets, it’s not 2006 all over again.”
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Mark Cuban talks housing and student loan bubbles

And 4 other things you must read right now
Trey Garrison
Billionaire Mark Cuban talks about the student loan bubble and the housing bubble, plus four other stories you shouldn't miss on discrimination in lending, the surge in apartment demand, and more.
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International housing bubble is forming, IMF warns

Several developed nations looking more than frothy
Trey Garrison
The American housing market is frothy with some already seeing signs of a legitimate bubble, and now the International Monetary Fund is raising the alarm about housing markets in developed countries.
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4 maps show exactly what happened after the housing crash

And where the market is in this so-called recovery
Trey Garrison
Here’s a good look at housing prices and where the housing market stands, both in the lead up and aftermath of the housing crash.
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5 things you must read Monday

Get a jump on the week
Trey Garrison
There are some key pieces you may have missed. Here are the most important five.
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3 ways Canada beats the U.S. leaves out 1 huge factor

Brena Swanson
Canada officially outpaced America’s middle class and is now home to the richest middle class on the planet. But one key metric was left out of the report: housing.
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Here's proof the housing bubble is about to burst

This recovery is an illusion
Lynn Effinger
If those economists who believe the government will continue to intervene are right, the outcome would further fuel a false demand for available housing. But will this government or even a new one want to step in again to bail out consumers?
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CoreLogic economist: 3 reasons you should be rationally exuberant on housing

Supply and demand matter more than bubbles and affordability
Mark Fleming
An asset bubble is defined by irrational exuberance as exhibited by excess demand. Isn’t the rule, you can’t have your cake and eat it too?
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