The Wrap: Appraisal volume ticks down after two weeks up

The Wrap: Appraisal volume ticks down after two weeks up

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Head's up! There's a housing "bubble" forming in markets beyond San Francisco

Denver, Dallas, Seattle to name a few
Admittedly, the recent article published in HousingWire titled, “San Francisco exhibiting potential signs of a housing bubble,” focuses on one specific anomalous Left Coast housing market. But, this is clearly, in my view, a precursor to more markets, particularly in California, exhibiting the same signs.
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Shaky housing market about to get even shakier

When will we all stop kidding ourselves?
Over the past several years, despite Wall Street and the current administration’s efforts to artificially prop up the housing market with historically low interest rates and foreclosure-alternative programs such as moratoria, HAMP, HAFA and others, we discovered that the so-called housing recovery was simply rhetoric.
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Risky housing policies and the slowly inflating bubble

Under-employed and shrinking work force big factors
One media report quoted DeMarco as saying that in the past year we have seen a renewed policy focus on questions regarding access to credit, which, in his view can risk repeating the approach that contributed to the financial crisis. There are many other warning signs, as well.
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Has the luxury home market peaked?

Multimillion-dollar listings are slashing prices
There’s never a shortage of news about record-breaking sell prices for luxury homes, but it could be a warning sign when that news is about these ultra-high-end homes slashing prices because they’re not selling. Here’s the scoop.
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Existing home sales collapse 6.1% in November

Tumble comes amid record low declining rates, prices
In the biggest drop since July 2010, existing home sales collapsed in November, despite record low rates and falling median home prices. What's happening? NAR says buyer uncertainty, but that doesn't seem likely.
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Will HELOCs and nonbank lending contribute to another housing bubble?

This isn't homeowner confidence, it's madness
In most areas of the country an apples-to-apples comparison of home equity increases have not occurred, which could mean the problem is not going to be as bad as before. But the desire to pay off debt, offset lower or even lost wages, or just keep ahead of inflation could cause another credit/housing bubble.
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