3 quick takeaways from the mortgage conference happening right now

3 quick takeaways from the mortgage conference happening right now

Tidbits from SourceMedia Mortgage Servicing conference

New home sales plummet 14.5% in March

Spring buying season off with a whimper

4 metrics reveal California's true housing market

Foreclosures dwindle as home prices skyrocket

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One thing Freddie Mac forgot when assessing community lenders

The cost of compliance is a harsh reality
February 11, 2014
Freddie Mac says small banks are well positioned to succeed right now, but that seems to ignore a harsh reality — the cost of compliance.
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The fight over shrinking origination volume

First rounds go to the community banks
January 21, 2014
Even with the mortgage origination space stretched thin, not all lenders are destined to struggle. According to one association, community banks are actually well-positioned for lending success.
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5 ways the Volcker rule will destroy job creation

Compliance nightmare blocks capital for the engine of job creation
January 15, 2014
The Volcker Rule's labyrinth of rules and pointless regulations will turn off the tap of credit and capital to start-ups and small businesses — the source of most job creation — at a time when job creation is needed most and hits community banks good and hard.
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Community banks struggle to repay bailout funds

October 9, 2013
It has been five years since the government bailed out more than 700 banks, but community banks are still struggling to repay their debts.
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Midwestern community banks remain stable, despite challenges

Housing, rising interest rates create throw off momentum
October 1, 2013
"More of our banks are looking to increase lending activity in their communities. Many have been able to achieve growth in commercial loans as we’ve seen volume pick up there in recent quarters," said OCC district deputy comptroller Bert Otto.
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Rising rates, dwindling loan demand threatens community banks

September 27, 2013
Southern community banks are feeling the pressure of weakening loan demand and low interest rates, which is added on top of increasing banking competition.
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Southern community banks perform well, despite lingering risks

Competition weighs on banks that picked up mortgage lending activity
September 25, 2013
Home values and housing activity picked up across Southern communities, benefiting community banks in the region. But these trends are in large part due to the area's vibrant oil and gas industry and other economic indicators, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency claimed in a new report.
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Community, regional banks cater to niche markets

September 6, 2013
Community and regional banks may not be as wealthy or powerful as mega banks, but they are setting themselves apart by finding unique ways of serving the local community while maintaining profitability.
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North Carolina banks fear upcoming regulations

September 4, 2013
Community banks in North Carolina's Greater Triad area experienced a dramatic surge in mortgage lending growth in the second quarter, but upcoming regulatory changes could slow activity in the coming months.
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Private capital has the means to step up in the mortgage market

Is it time for non-government backing to return in force?
August 13, 2013
While talks around the water cooler that the majority of the market wants private capital to make its comeback in the mortgage finance system, compliance uncertainty has kept many players on the sidelines.
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