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FOMC unanimously votes against raising interest rates

Next meeting scheduled for June
The Federal Open Market Committee unanimously voted to hold off on raising interest rates in May after announcing a rate hike the previous meeting. The FOMC’s decision in its last meeting in March to raise rates marked the second time in three months and the first time in 2017.
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FOMC minutes reveal when Fed may shrink balance sheet

Looks to happen sooner than markets expected
The Federal Open Markets Committee released minutes from its March meeting, showing it may shrink its balance sheet sooner than the market expected. Members didn’t give any specifics on how the reduction will occur, or even when, but did comment on a general time frame.
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An inside look at why one Fed president voted not to raise interest rates

Thoughts from Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari
Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari is the only Federal Reserve official who voted against raising the existing target range for the federal funds rate during the March meeting. Kashkari, in a rare move, explained his reasoning in a blog post on Medium. In his words, “Given that I reached a different conclusion than my colleagues, I thought it appropriate to provide an explanation.”
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Trump budget threatens housing?

Is the Fed ready for a March rate hike?
Priorities during this administration could create problems for the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s assistance programs as more focus is placed on military spending and less on housing. And the market is expecting the Fed to raise rates in March, however a week and a half still remain before the FOMC meeting, during which time anything could happen.
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Fed's Bullard says GSE reform could lead Fed to dump Fannie, Freddie holdings

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis president on future of housing
While it's clear the Trump administration plans to move on GSE reform, what isn’t known yet is just what those plans will look like. Further, what impact will those plans put on the country’s financial system? One area where the Trump administration’s GSE plans could reverberate is on the Federal Reserve and its mortgage bond holdings.
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Fed does not raise interest rates in first meeting of 2017

First meeting since the Fed raised interest rates in December
In the first meeting of the year and also the first meeting since the FOMC last voted to raise interest rates, the Federal Open Market Committee unanimously voted to maintain the target range for the federal funds rate. After Wednesday’s meeting, there are now only seven scheduled FOMC meetings left for the year.
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ADP predicts strongest jobs increase since June

Strong gains in construction employment
ADP’s employment report shows the highest increase the nation has seen since June 2016. However experts explain why this may not fall in line with the jobs report later this week. The boost was heavily driven by an increase in construction employment; a welcome relief to the supply-starved housing market.
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