Altos: Critics wrong about housing, it’s going to soar

Altos: Critics wrong about housing, it’s going to soar

2015 will see notable price appreciation

The real reason Fannie and Freddie don't do principal modifications

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Blackstone adviser: Investors worried about ‘serious correction’

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IMF forecasts interest rates lower than Fed's estimates

Rate path well below Fed's median rates
July 23, 2014
The Federal Reserve will be able to hike rates gradually given the slack in the labor market and continued low inflation, with the first rake higher likely to come in midsummer of 2015, according to the International Monetary Fund.
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Zillow: Minor drop in 30-year mortgage rates

Expect rates to remain steady
June 27, 2014
“With little anticipated economic news this week, we expect rates will remain steady, similar to the pattern they’ve held for the past few weeks,” said Erin Lantz, vice president of mortgages at Zillow.
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Bullard: Fed will raise rates in 1Q2015

June 26, 2014
St Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard says the central bank will raise interest rates in the first quarter of 2015, sooner than most analysts have predicted and well ahead of his more dovish fellow bankers are saying.
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FHFA: Mortgage interest rate drops in May

June 26, 2014
The national average contract mortgage rate for the purchase of previously occupied homes by combined lenders index came in at 4.18% for loans closed in late May, as the contract rate on the composite of all mortgage loans dropped to 4.14% from 4.23% in April.
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These 5 charts reveal the Fed’s economic projections

Unemployment rate, real GDP, PCE inflation
June 18, 2014
The Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve Bank presidents gave the market a glimpse into the future of where they think the economy is going and updated its projections for changes in real GDP, the unemployment rate and PCE inflation.
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Federal Reserve will zap ZIRP in 12 months?

Rates will rise but effect on economy unclear
June 13, 2014
Despite the kerfuffle when Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the fateful three words “about six months” in relation to interest rates in her debut speech, it’s likely going to be a good 12 months before the central bank looks to move away from the near zero interest rate policy.
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Zillow: 30-year mortgage rates remain stable

June 10, 2014
According to Zillow’s data, the 30-year fixed mortgage rate peaked at 4.12% on Thursday before dropping to 4.03% on Friday, where rates remained for the rest of the week.
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The Dove: Keep interest rates low

Fed’s Dudley says housing too weak for rash action
May 20, 2014
The head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank says that while the housing market has passed the worst of the effects of the housing crash, he was surprised by how much it slowed in the past year and worries that it can’t take rising rates.
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The Hawk: Raise interest rates soon

Fed's Plosser says the housing recovery can handle it
May 20, 2014
The president of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve told female housing and finance leaders Tuesday that he believes housing is recovering, and that it can sustain the central bank raising interest rates, an action it should undertake sooner rather than later.
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The Fed isn’t helping the economy with low interest rates

May 16, 2014
Five years after the beginning of the economic recovery, after rock-bottom interest rates and trillions of dollars of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve, the economy is growing about 2%.
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