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FOMC minutes reveal when Fed may shrink balance sheet

Looks to happen sooner than markets expected
The Federal Open Markets Committee released minutes from its March meeting, showing it may shrink its balance sheet sooner than the market expected. Members didn’t give any specifics on how the reduction will occur, or even when, but did comment on a general time frame.
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Millennials lead other generations in rising HELOC trend

HELOCs expected to replace dwindling refis
As interest rates rise, refinances continue to decrease, leaving an open gap in the market for home equity lines of credit to take the place. Interest rates are up from last year, but so are home prices, giving homeowners a new source of equity to tap into. Most surprising, however, was that Millennials hold the leading share of HELOCs.
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Fannie Mae: Lender optimism higher than ever

But profit margins sink
Consistent with the rest of the market, including builders and consumers, a new survey from Fannie Mae shows even lenders are hitting new survey highs when it comes to confidence in the economy. However, as the market shifts away from refinance mortgages, profit margin outlooks remain low among lenders.
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March interest rate hike? Odds are now up to 50%

Chances up significantly from last week
Expectations for a rate hike in March are up significantly from last week, as traders now place an over-50% chance on an interest rate increase in March. And one expert explains this increase in expectations could turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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