Housing in places like New York, San Francisco fail more than just the locals

Caution: GSE reform could have serious unintended consequences

Guest blog by former Ginnie Mae president Joseph Murin

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Time to cut the MLS cord?

Plus housing metrics, the incredible shrinking GDP, and kicks are for TRIDs

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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Setting the stage for higher interest rates

Delinquencies drop, call to delay TRID grows, and housing metrics
Trey Garrison
Lots of changes in markets foreign and domestic are aligning that could press the Fed into admitting weak US data, with a resulting impact on interest rates. Plus, Ginnie Mae has a glitch, and much more. Read on.
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This Capital Economics chart shows the mortgage-lending turnaround

“Sharp rise in purchase applications”
Jacob Gaffney
“The sharp rise in home purchase mortgage applications, to a two-year high in April, was an encouraging sign that the market may finally be turning a corner after years of stagnation,” said economists Andrew Hunter and Ed Stansfield.
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Here's why quantitative easing means only the rich get richer

Middle-class workers left behind by Fed policies
Lynn Effinger
Yes, there really is inequality in America. It goes well beyond what you are being told by the media, however, and QE and its associated zero interest rate policy are a major reason economic inequality is growing instead of shrinking.
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Fannie Mae dropping mortgage modification interest rate

New rate effective on May 14
Ben Lane
Fannie Mae is set to lower the benchmark interest rate for its Standard Modification program. Here's what mortgage servicers need to know about the change.
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Whalen: Why the Fed must raise interest rates, but it won’t

Everyone talks about the FOMC but no one does anything
Trey Garrison
For more than a year, almost everyone in and around the industry has been saying that the Federal Reserve will be raising interest rates by mid to late 2015. One man in the know thinks everyone is wrong.
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Ignore the rising interest rate alarms

When will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates?
Brena Swanson
The latest report from the Federal Reserve sent the industry into panic mode since it eliminated the word “patient” from its outlook on interest rates. But before the industry starts to worry, Mark Fleming, chief economist at First American, explained how this idea is utterly wrong.
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Blogatative Easing: Ben Bernanke, Brookings blogger

Return to the scene of the crime?
Trey Garrison
Ben Bernanke has gone from being the most powerful conjurer at that Hogwarts known as the Federal Reserve to being a lowly blogger for the Brookings Institute.
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‘Foolish’ survey: Will rising rates doom housing?

The answers from three motley analysts will surprise you
Trey Garrison
Predictions are like armpits – every economist has two of them and thinks theirs are the only ones that don’t stink. Here’s what three had to say about interest rates and home sales.
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The top 5 most and least affordable home markets

realtor.com: San Francisco leads, Detroit bleeds
Trey Garrison
It’s a challenging home market but realtor.com is trying to make some sense of it with the new mortgage affordability metric, and what it tells you about a given housing market is surprising.
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FOMC: Dropping the patient, but not impatient to raise rates

GDP is slowing; wage growth is sluggish
Trey Garrison
The Federal Open Market Committee voted Wednesday not to raise interest rates, but it has dropped “patient” from its guidance, setting the stage for a rate hike in the second or third quarter. Here is the low-down.
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