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Fannie Mae 3Q net income more than cut in half to $2B

Posts a $2.2B dividend obligation to Treasury
Fannie Mae recorded a third-quarter net income of $2 billion and comprehensive income of $2.2 billion, faring much better than Freddie Mac. However, unlike Freddie, Fannie reported a positive net worth of $4 billion, resulting in a dividend obligation to Treasury of $2.2 billion.
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MIT grad’s new housing theory upsets Piketty’s work

And economists think his points are valid
A recent MIT graduate’s new paper puts up one of the greatest critiques to Thomas Piketty’s book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” which is renowned as one of the most influential books in history. And one the paper’s main points that is gaining ground: Housing’s role in growing returns on capital.
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Jobless claims rise above 300K on energy layoffs

Initial claims trending higher
Energy price cuts are leading to more layoffs in shale heavy states like Texas and Pennsylvania, pushing initial jobless claims back above the psychological watermark of 300,000 to 304,000, missing expectations by the most in a month.
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This housing market will never be saved

Six years later, still struggling
According to one bold housing columnist, housing will never spring back to its pre-recession levels. Despite all the government’s best attempts to spur activity again, these headwinds will remain.
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