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Tech talk at MBA: Do we build technology or do we partner?

How to disrupt the mortgage finance industry
No one in the mortgage industry needs to be convinced about the power, prominence and appeal of technology anymore. Look no further than the Mortgage Bankers Association’s National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference and Expo in Chicago for proof. Helping kick off the conference on Monday, executives from JPMorgan Chase, Ellie Mae, USAA and Quicken Loans discussed their perspectives on fintech.
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How will technology impact loan originators in 2017?

Here are predictions from 5 leaders
In 2016, there was an explosion of new tech-focused lenders, origination platforms, and other tools to help professionals provide consumers with a better experience. This year, loan originators will be the deciding factor in which technologies are adopted — and which die. Here is what five experts have to say about it.
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Innovation in housing and home financing takes the stage at SXSW 2017

SXSW shifts to include typically "unsexy" industries
For many people, South By Southwest represents the epitome of music exploration. What you may not realize is how the festival has grown over the last 30 years since it’s inception, not only exploring the future of entertainment and media, but also the best of innovation across technology and business. And now this year, innovation in housing and finance were brought center stage at SXSW. This is great news for an industry that's behind when it comes to technology.
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What lenders are missing when it comes to mobile technology

Five reasons why lenders need mobile technology
The majority of homebuyers, especially Millennials, do extensive research online and on their mobile devices before making any purchase — especially for something as large as a home. While many lenders are jumping on the trend to incorporate technology into their customer experience, they are often ignoring the reasons why the technology matters. Here are five reasons why mobile technology should be key to every lender’s strategy.
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Want to start a mortgage company? loanDepot CEO updates thoughts on barriers to entry

It's a trillion dollar industry
SoFi, loanDepot and Quicken Loans are part of a small cohort of lenders known for pushing the envelope in the mortgage industry and spurring innovation. On an expert tech panel at the Goldman Sachs housing and consumer finance conference, Anthony Hsieh, chairman and CEO of loanDepot, further expanded on a comment he made on the same panel a year ago; The problems facing people who want to get into the industry.
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When it comes to Millennial homebuyers, time really is money

And words are your bond
To some degree, the Millennial homebuyer market, especially the first-time homebuyer, must seem like the Holy Grail or a unicorn herd to mortgage lenders. It’s a large segment with an estimated purchasing power of about $200 billion. So what does this mean for those seeking to sell mortgage loans to Millennials?
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Sindeo launches 5-minute digital mortgage

Consumers in general push for more technology
Earlier this year, Sindeo’s CEO stated that consumers in general, not just Millennials, are pushing the home financing industry to go digital. Consumers now expect technology since they’ve already experienced it. In light of this, Sindeo announced the launch of its newest technology, SindeoOne.
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The digital mortgage makes its way to local, smaller lenders

Levels the playing field as customers demand pure-mobile mortgages
Now that lenders spent a year to digest their first priority, TRID, more financial institutions are ready to look at the possibility of offering a fully digital mortgage. And even if they are not ready, borrowers, no matter what their age, are demanding it. Are you ready?
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The fatal price tag of not investing in digital innovation for Millennials

Here’s where to find the demand
The coveted group of potential borrowers who were born between 1981 and 2000 are a key variable in why financial institutions need to and should invest their capital in financial innovation. If they choose not to, they lose on the next generation of consumers. So where will most Millennials choose to do business? Nonbank financial services, digital platforms and technology providers
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