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RES.NET delivers enterprise solutions with adaptability

Agile solutions for REO, loss mitigation and valuation portals
RES.NET has created a seamless implementation process that enables customers to easily transmit and backup all collected data to image repositories and systems of record, while its custom fields make data mapping sessions and data migration efforts as seamless as possible.
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Don't miss it: HW Tech100 awards close today

Mortgage technology for days
Reading through entries for this contest blows our editorial mind, and we love to discover the myriad ways that companies are adapting their technology to meet real needs. What we don't love is telling companies that have incredible, amazing, unbelievable solutions that they have missed the deadline to apply.
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Embracing the science of income analysis

Automated tools mean lenders can get income calculations right the first time
Despite the ever-increasing pressures in this area, most lenders still approach income by leaving it up to the underwriter to pull everything together. If technology can improve processes in so many areas of mortgage banking, why can’t it add efficiency to one of the most traditional aspects of the loan process, income calculation?
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Cyber attacks increase for financial services industry

Government warns of increasing DDoS frequency
In the third quarter of 2015, the Distributed Denial of Service trends report numbers were at the highest quarterly levels in the last two years. And looking at the results, the financial services industry remains a heavily-targeted industry.
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Pavaso releases end-to-end digital real estate process

Addresses TRID challenges
Pavaso completed its end-to-end digital process for the mortgage and real estate industry with the addition of its sales contract negotiation tool for real estate agents. The CEO of the company said it is now providing the industry with a clear path to evolving and catching up with consumer technology.
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Black Knight to raise $430M in IPO

Fidelity will control majority of shares
After first announcing the plans of a IPO in December, Black Knight Financial Services will look to raise up to $430 million in an initial public offering expected to price next week. Its parent company, Fidelity National, will remain a majority stakeholder.
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Sindeo names Tony Sachs chief lending officer

Joins from First Republic Bank
In his role at Sindeo, Sachs will be responsible for the company’s lending operations and credit functions, including overseeing Sindeo’s team of high-service mortgage advisors, the company said.
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Mortgage technology will be ready to address TRID

Won’t magically make challenges and cost of compliance disappear
Maybe it’s the proximity to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, but at the Mortgage Bankers Association tech conference in Orlando this week I couldn’t help remembering futurist Arthur C. Clark’s third law of technology that says, ‘‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” But can technology magically solve the industry’s compliance challenges?
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