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Fitch: Statebridge assigned "outlook stable" rating

Rating based on evidenced servicing capabilities
Brena Swanson
"Statebridge has an experienced senior management team, developed recruiting, staffing, and retention programs, and developed loan and default administration capabilities," Fitch Ratings said.
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Moody's looking to change housing finance agency rating criteria

Seeks guidance on risk profile in ratings
Moody's Investors Service is seeking guidance from the market on proposed changes to its approach to assigning issuer ratings to the housing finance agencies.
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The truth behind the safety of nonbank servicers

Compass Point: 4 areas show strength
Brena Swanson
Nonbank mortgage servicers are stuck in the undercurrent of a heavy wave of regulator scrutiny and industry surveillance. And as regulators go after nonbanks, the real question remains: Are they justified?
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DBRS: US maintains AAA sovereign debt rating…for now at least

Politicians may not want to ruffle any feathers
Ratings giant DBRS solidified its commitment to keeping the U.S. sovereign debt rating at AAA … at least for now.
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S&P criticized for easing standards on mortgage bond ratings

HousingWire Staff
Standard & Poor's eased its rating standards for bonds tied to home loans in an effort to drive business in the summer of 2012, the DealBook claims. While business has grown since then, the ratings giant is now facing criticism over its less stringent criteria.
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Zacks reaffirms Ocwen Financial's neutral rating

Rating held back by market volatility
HousingWire Staff
Zacks reaffirmed Ocwen Financial Corp.’s neutral rating. The firm's second-quarter earnings beat analyst expectations, but the volatile mortgage finance market is keeping the servicer at neutral.
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S&P tries to prove DOJ lawsuit is about payback

Ratings giant claims downgrade of US debt made S&P a target
Standard & Poor’s is working on its defense to fraud claims levied by the Department of Justice over the firm's pre-housing crisis mortgage-bond ratings. So what is the agency's game plan? S&P is trying to show the DOJ suit is about payback, not bond ratings.
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Credit Suisse issues $407M of private-label RMBS

HousingWire Staff
Credit Suisse [stock CS][/stock] issued $407 million of private-label residential mortgage-backed securities, according to Standard & Poor’s.The credit ratings agency assigned top ratings to the majority of...
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Three years on, lessons not learned in mortgage servicing

Joseph Mason
A lot of people have asked me why I took a break from writing lately. Well, it is largely because I didn’t have much to say anymore besides “I told you so,” and I don’t want to appear snippy.
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