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What's driving mortgage lending behavior?

Mortgage data suggests compliance costs and repurchase risk play a part
That lenders may be holding back a bit is not surprising as lessons from behavioral finance studies suggest that individuals tend to weight recent experience more than the past. Applied to the mortgage business and compounded by rising compliance costs, recent experience with heavy credit losses of the crisis could be dampening management enthusiasm for credit expansion in an otherwise expanding, albeit tepid economy.
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Radian earns $70 million in third quarter

Mortgage insurance business steady
Mortgage insurance at the company remains steady. New mortgage insurance written was $11.2 billion for the quarter, compared to $11.8 billion in the second quarter of 2015 and $11.2 billion in the prior-year quarter.
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Clayton Holdings acquires title agency and AMC ValuAmerica

Expands Clayton's scope of title and valuation
In its latest venture in the industry, Clayton Holdings, a provider of loan due diligence and services to the mortgage and real estate industries, announced it acquired ValuAmerica, national title agency, appraisal management company and technology provider.
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Radian expands job-loss mortgage insurance program

Now available for all LTV ratios
Good news for borrowers at Radian Guaranty thanks to the "overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback” for a new program. The company announced an expansion of its MortgageAssure mortgage insurance program, which will pay a borrower’s mortgage if they suffer an involuntary job loss and fall behind on their mortgage payments for up to six months.
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Radian now offering an industry first – job loss insurance

New program will pay borrowers’ mortgage if they lose their job
Radian Guaranty is offering a new program that’s the first of its kind in the industry – job loss insurance. The new program, called Radian MortgageAssure, will pay a borrower’s mortgage if they suffer an involuntary job loss and fall behind on their mortgage payments. And it comes at no cost to the borrower.
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