Bank of America: 'We provide all required MSR documents'

Bank of America: 'We provide all required MSR documents'

Responds to Ginnie Mae MSR transfer block

17% of homes with a mortgage seriously underwater

Share of underwaters continues slow decline

Here are 5 bold mortgage predictions from KBW

Q1 mortgage volume predicted to be $20 billion lower

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Congratulations, Mr. Watt — now lower the rent

Federal regulators urge funding for National Housing Trust Fund
January 24, 2014
Before Mel Watt could even get his name plate on the door as head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, top federal regulators are already urging him to end contributions to the National Housing Trust Fund and the Capital Magnet Fund.
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The DeMarco Era ends at FHFA

Capitol Hill, the housing industry react to Mel Watt’s confirmation
December 10, 2013
The senate's confirmation of Mel Watt to lead the FHFA means the end of a distinct era in housing finance.
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Outside examiners evaluate the OCC for a change

Fire a warning shot about experienced examiners retiring
December 5, 2013
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency spends its days overseeing national banks and federal thrifts, but a new report is giving the regulator a little advice on how to improve its own operations.
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JPMorgan hires financial crimes compliance SWAT team

October 14, 2013
JPMorgan is undertaking a new effort to protect the bank against financial crimes by hiring and training a global SWAT team to identify potential risks.
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IMF says mREITS need more regulatory oversight

October 9, 2013
The International Monetary Fund says regulators should heighten oversight of the large mortgage real-estate investment trusts to ensure rising rates do not cause the firms to disrupt markets again.
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Weak lenders stick around a bit longer

September 30, 2013
Troubled banks are lingering around a bit longer, threatening the health of the overall economy.
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Ocwen goes public with boarding times

Mortgage servicer releases how long it takes to transfer MSRs
September 9, 2013
The boarding times for pulling in new mortgage servicing rights remains a much scrutinized area. It's also an area where servicers can easily find themselves under a regulator's watchful eye with just one mess up or a failure to create a clear compliance process.
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Mass. regulators order brokers to pay $11 million

Payout is to cover REIT sale errors
September 5, 2013
Massachusetts regulators are cracking down on five brokerage firms, forcing them to pay approximately $10.7 million to investors who were sold non-exchange traded real estate investment trusts in violation of state law.
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JPMorgan: A punching bag for regulators

August 29, 2013
JPMorgan Chase is being hit from every direction. The bank is now regulators' favorite punching bag as authorities seek more than $6 billion in damages from the mega bank.
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Former Fed chairman not to blame for Fed discord

August 29, 2013
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was recently blamed for all the discord between regulators, but John Carney with CNBC begs to differ.
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