2 reasons the single-family rental securitization market won’t exceed $20 billion

Should mortgage technology and data be universally shared?

Yes, and no

Structural changes, oversight and second-lien reform critical for PL MBS

The game has to be changed to bring back private label capital


Online web seminar

Bridging the Gap to eDocs

HousingWire Event

Survive the journey to e-docs in style. Smart lenders, servicers and the investment community are solving their complex document and data management issues without capital outlays for infrastructure and startup costs. This valuable session will provide actionable, creative insights into:

» Document classification and indexing

» Data extraction from documents

» Innovative solutions such as “invisible mailroom” and “park and ride"

You can get there from here. Dramatic successes will be highlighted to show how others have deployed forward-thinking strategies.

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