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Contact: Brena Swanson

HW Q&A: Making Sense of the CFPB's 900-Page Mortgage Servicing Rule

Since the CFPB has published the final mortgage servicing rule you need every second and every resource to ensure you implement it correctly.

Join HousingWire as we team up with leading industry experts to answer questions on the final mortgage servicing rule, along with laying out what went into and makes up the 900-page rule

You'll learn:

  • The operational impact of the new mortgage servicing rule
  • How the rule adds a definition of “delinquency” that applies through the rule
  • Lender concerns with the rule and what the CFPB is doing about them (or not)
  • Risks associated with the new rule and implications for lenders
  • Implementation best practices
  • And much more!  
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