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ACI Mortgage Servicing Compliance


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6/25/14 to 6/26/14


Location: The Adolphus
Dallas, TX
United States

Event Description

The government crackdown on mortgage servicing operations is increasing the pressure with regard to processes, paperwork, and communications with borrowers. In response, American Conference Institute’s 2nd Bank & Non-Bank Forum on MORTGAGE SERVICING COMPLIANCE will keep you one step ahead of the new regulatory scrutiny. In addition to unparalleled networking opportunities, this conference will provide attendees with the latest insights and expert advice from our exceptional faculty including on:

  • Federal and State Government Roundtable on the Current State of the Mortgage Servicing Industry, Regulatory and Enforcement Priorities at Both the National and State Levels, How to Ensure Compliance in a Multi-Agency Environment and How to Best Prepare for the Second Half of 2014
  • Best Practices and Procedures for Complying with CFPB Loss Mitigation, Loan Modification and Error Resolution Requirements; and Navigating the Inconsistencies Amongst the CFPB Rules, HAMP Guidelines and State-Level Initiatives Regarding Loss Mitigation
  • Meeting the Operational Demands Associated With Increased CFPB Supervision of Loan Servicing Transfers
  • Right-Sizing Your Servicing Operations for the “New-Normal” – Implementing the Most Effective Enterprise-Wide Compliance System for Your Company and Best Methods of Testing the Procedures, Practices and Policies You 
    Have In Place
  • Lender Placed Insurance: Managing Regulatory Risk and Factoring in Recent LPI Class Actions
  • TILA, RESPA and ECOA Update in the Mortgage Servicing Context
  • The Present and Future of GSEs and Examining Industry-Wide Servicing Data Standards for GSE Loans Under the Uniform Mortgage Servicing Dataset
  • Avoiding UDAAP Claims and Claims of Discriminatory Practices/Disparate Impact in Context of Mortgage Servicing
  • When is a Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer Considered a Debt-Collector and Thus Potentially Subject to Liability for Violations of the FDCPA?
  • Navigating the Foreclosure and REO Process: The Latest Servicer-Related Issues and Challenges in Title Resolution 
    and Property Dispositions
  • Managing Third-Party Risk and Compliance
  • Ensuring Compliance with Servicing Requirements, Standards & Protections Under SCRA (Servicemembers’ Civil Rights Act)