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CoreLogic Credco
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19 out of 20 top lenders trust CoreLogic Credco® for innovative consumer information and credit reporting solutions. For more than 50 years, our leading consumer information solutions have enabled top lenders to make sound, agile business decisions. Today, we continue to identify new technologies, and create new products, to help our customers make smarter business decisions across an ever-changing marketplace.In 1989, CoreLogic Credco revolutionized the mortgage industry with the introduction of Instant Merge®, the world’s first fully automated 3-bureau merged credit reporting solution. Instant Merge has become the most popular credit reporting solution across multiple industries, and has since inspired a growing family of intelligent, data-driven products designed to reduce risk and improve business performance.Today, one out of every two credit reports processed in the mortgage industry is an Instant Merge report, and is the preferred choice of secondary market investors, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  • One of the world’s largest consumer and business databases
  • Consumer information delivered in seconds
  • Dedicated FCRA-Certified customer care and technical support
  • Proven systems up-time
  • Only redundant hot backup and disaster recovery site in the industry

An example of some of our credit reporting solutions include:Supplemental credit data increases visibility into borrower credit capacity and behavior-CoreScore™Determine traditional credit-worthiness of applicants-Instant Merge®Maintain compliance with FACT Act, Score Notifications to consumers in connection with home loan applications-CSD NotificationsFast, bureau-level updates of incorrect credit report information-Rapid ReCheck.

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