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Contact: Terry Sadowski
Phone: 512-609-7013


Assurant Field Asset Services
101 West Louis Henna Boulevard
Austin TX 78728
United States

FAS understands that our clients’ sole objective is to sell their properties at the highest possible value in the shortest amount of time. Our speed of our delivery, our fixed fee pricing, and our comprehensive portfolio of services help them reach this goal.

Why Clients Stay with FAS


  • Quicker response and resolution times, expediting preservation of the asset through delegated authority.
  • FAS Technology which includes web based integration tools and reporting for all interface needs.
  • Three (3) day turnaround on initial services. Nationwide. 


  • Recurring services covered for the life of the property under certain pricing models.
  • Second set of independent eyes and ears on client’s collateral assets.
  • Aggressive quality control conducted by our field staff through audits and on-site inspections.


  • Flat fee for all maintenance eliminates subjectivity and adds consistency.
  • Plugs into client models easily.
  • Soft cost savings in accounts payable and bid review / approval administration.
  • Reduces client carry costs through expedited disposition.
  • Flexible, client specific “Scopes of Service” with “Customized Pricing” designed around client specific business philosophies in both pre- and post-foreclosure arenas.


  • Two (2) layers of liability and E&O protection as well as, accountability from a national firm.
  • FAS corporate philosophy supports building long term client relationships and a “gray we pay” approach.
  • FAS leadership and team are centered in fundamental ethics and values and practice these values every day.

Recently, Field Asset Services introduced Avert™, a revolutionary concept in loss mitigation. For the first time, lenders and servicers will have a single point solution to reduce default expenses and avoid foreclosure. Avert complements Collateral Command™, a revolutionary concept in the delivery of asset management services. FAS provides a single source, fully integrated solution across all services, with centralized coordination and management for all things pre- and post-foreclosure.

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