Jeb Bush: Current housing and debt situation unsustainable

Jeb Bush: Current housing and debt situation unsustainable

Is the clock ticking on the 30-year mortgage?

Senate banking committee passes massive regulatory relief bill

Big implications in legislation for housing and mortgage finance

Existing home sales crater in April, falling 3.3%

Spring buying stalls out after strong March performance


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Trending Thursday: Housing, mortgage finance getting a break from Washington?

Plus untying Fannie, Freddie and the whole Gordian knot of conservatorship
Trey Garrison
A lot of changes could be on the horizon for housing, mortgage finance, Fannie, Freddie and the whole housing shebang. Here's the latest from Washington and beyond.
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2 reasons the housing market is underacheiving

Thoughts ahead of Thursday's NAR numbers
Mark Fleming
This graduation season, many an overachiever is excitedly entering the labor market with big expectations. First a job, then a rental household, most likely with a friend or two, and eventually, a homeowner? So,will the housing market also an overachiever this spring? It's not likely.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Setting the stage for higher interest rates

Delinquencies drop, call to delay TRID grows, and housing metrics
Trey Garrison
Lots of changes in markets foreign and domestic are aligning that could press the Fed into admitting weak US data, with a resulting impact on interest rates. Plus, Ginnie Mae has a glitch, and much more. Read on.
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Is Mike Huckabee wrong about housing?

Presidential candidate says student debt makes housing unaffordable
Ben Lane
Despite the election being 18 months away, the campaign is already in full swing. Recently, one candidate for the White House actually said something that gives us at HousingWire a little hope for the next 18 months, however right or wrong his statement may be.
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3 ways homebuyers can win bidding wars

You need more than a cover letter
Brena Swanson
After a recent article generated a lot of buzz on how buyers are winning bidding wars, the biggest takeaway from the comments: everyone and everywhere is different. So here are three different tactics a real estate agent uses that go beyond the standard letter.
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Closing Call

Breaking down the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure, how it impacts your business, and ways to solve it. Written by the experts at Pavaso each business day. Read More

A new era of solutions

Recapping last week's posts and tech progress this year
Mark McElroy

Solutions exist today that can help with a large majority of the business process shifts that will result from the rule. And the last year has provided an opportunity for them to solve things further.  

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TILA-RESPA technology cheat sheet

What you need to know when investing in a digital closing solution
Matt Corcoran

If you fired off an email, handed the consumer a brochure, or even simply talked about something face-to-face, how will you record or determine if the consumer engaged that content? The digital delivery of educational content will be key to not only getting the consumer to interact with it, but tracking what the consumer actually accessed.

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How to save $1,100 or more on the cost to close each loan

A digital solution can help lenders' profit margins
Matt Corcoran

If you’re one of the lenders who hasn’t converted over to a digital closing platform yet, chances are you’re going to be a little lost (and even further behind) when that next phase of development kicks off about two months from now.  

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MBA Annual has come and gone, but TILA-RESPA is here to stay

What progress have you made one week after the conference?
Matt Corcoran

As you head to complete this phase by Week 28, you not only need to look at how your organization operates internally, but how it operates externally as well with business partners and consumers to ensure regulations around the three-day delivery rule for the Loan Estimate are met.  

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TILA-RESPA Phase I complete

Get ready for Phase II of the Lender Implementation Timeline
Mark McElroy

Staying on par with the timeline, next week will kick off the Analyses and Decisions phase, in which you’ll be reviewing your workflow, systems and compliance in order to determine the revised procedures, system recommendations and policies necessary.

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