Here's proof the housing bubble is about to burst

In California, a reversal of foreclosure fortunes

Lenders adapt to the homeowner bill of rights

Remember Ellie Mae’s cyber attack? It didn’t happen

No evidence of malicious attack found


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The 13-minute close?

One person's reaction on Twitter is a must-see
September 27, 2013
13 minutes. That's how long a former official at Countrywide -- now at Fannie Mae -- alleges it took the former lender to approve loans in the industry-infamous "High Speed Swim Lane." Of course, Countrywide's business practices, and the loans they spawned, are now a problem Bank of America gets to deal with. Which I'm sure they're just thrilled about over there these days.
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For default servicing, all eyes rest on Colorado

The time for the industry to act is now
August 14, 2013
The landscape in creditor’s rights law has been long dominated by a surprisingly small number of regional and multi-state players, many of whom have grown to become some of the largest law firms in their respective jurisdictions. Let’s just say that business could be about to undergo a major facelift.
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When it comes to mortgage satisfactions, don’t play a game of “Risk”

July 25, 2013
The clock is ticking. Time is a-wasting. Drop dead deadlines. We all know the sayings, and with mortgage recordation in the U.S. Mortgage market, they’re as applicable as ever.
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