Freddie Mac: Here are the top 5 improving metro markets for housing

The Census Bureau is cooking the new home sales numbers

You can’t make bricks with imaginary straw

The 12 hottest housing markets right now

And the biggest losers in the price growth race


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The Census Bureau is cooking the new home sales numbers

You can’t make bricks with imaginary straw
Trey Garrison
High initial print that beats expectations is followed by a dramatic downward revision. This didn't happen once, but for the last five months straight.
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Does Fannie Mae support appraisers?

Here comes Collateral Underwriter
Anthony Roveda
They kind of do as long as they can use an appraisers’ analysis and opinions in a platform to punitively rate their work against the work of their peers. But what happens when the appraiser doesn't score well enough?
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What immigration reform means for housing

Growth potential among immigrants is substantial
Kristin Messerli
With the recent announcement of President Obama’s Executive Order on immigration reform, responses from both sides of the political spectrum have been mixed. However, the reform can be expected to spur new opportunities for growth in the housing market.
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Royal Bank of Scotland pulls petty mortgage stunt

Here's why we shouldn't be surprised
Jacob Gaffney
In fact, the disdain banks and their branch workers have toward their customers is even the subject of one bank's marketing campaign — that's testament to just how widely accepted it is that customer service is terrible. Well, RBS reportedly did something to top it all.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Mortgage giants warm to principal reduction?

Also 2015 housing finance forecasts galore and key mortgage industry metrics
Trey Garrison
Is principal reduction about to become more common? Who hit the bulls-eye in forecasting 2014, and who just offered bull? And of those hawkeye prognosticators, what do they have to say about 2015? Get it here and get it early.
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REO agents and brokers deserve to be paid more

The paperwork alone can be mind-boggling
Lynn Effinger
Without necessarily intending to, I am going through this process currently as it relates to REO management, marketing and disposition. And it is an eye-opening process, indeed, even for this longtime veteran of this industry.
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Realtors don't deserve 3% commission?

HousingWire article sparks debate
Trey Garrison
The question generated from HousingWire's comment boards: Should Realtors and other real estate agents be just paid hourly, or should we stick with the 3% commission? The answer: Come on.
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Stop panicking about recent foreclosure numbers

The sky is not falling
Rick Sharga
So, are we about to see housing Armageddon? Do these ominous increases in foreclosure activity mean that the market is about to implode? No. Not even close. Allow me to explain.
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Mortgage lenders: Here are 4 secrets to using Twitter, without tweeting

Build your social media strategy, build your business
Ben Smidt
A few months back, I wrote a blog post about using Twitter in a regulated industry. The popularity of this piece has given me cause to dive a bit deeper into how you can effectively use Twitter as a powerful listening tool to help you manage your brand, find leads or better understand your audience.
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NYC’s Ebola cleanup czar is a con artist and convicted mortgage scammer

Sal Pane once sued by New York State
Ben Lane
Here's proof that life can be stranger than fiction... The man who was in charge of cleaning up Ebola in New York City is also a con artist who was once fined $12.5 million for fraudulent mortgage modifications.
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