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Dick Bove: Where will the mortgage money come from?

Equity analyst not sure there's an answer
In light of Rafferty Capital Markets equity analyst Dick Bove's obvious bias, there's no denying he has a valid point: the primary source of mortgage financing in this nation is under threat. That threat is not only inaction but political wrong-headedness.
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California loss-mitigation bill creates more problems than it solves

Here are 8 unclear and dangerous provisions of bill
California continues its effort to pass a law that would require loan servicers to work with successors to borrowers on loss mitigation options. Unfortunately, SB 1150, while well intended, has the potential to create more problems than it solves. Here are just some of the unclear and dangerous provisions of bill.
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Don't miss it: Women of Influence nominations close at midnight

Recognizing the most influential women in housing
The 40 women we recognized last year represent a broad cross-section of our industry. Our list included CEOs and CFOs, but also legal officers, sales directors and those in charge of business development. They work in lending, servicing, real estate and investing, but they all have one thing in common: excellence.
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Here's how to best spend your money under TRID

What matters more: Closing time or communication?
In a slow growth market, where margins are being pressured from many corners (including, but certainly not limited to, TRID-related production costs), borrower satisfaction can be a key differentiator. So how do you ensure borrower satisfaction?
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Should mortgage lenders consider payday loans?

Plus, the most polluted housing market in the country
The same regulators that have driven up mortgage loan origination costs are now training their sights on payday lenders. Payday lending rules proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would prevent consumers from re-borrowing to pay the interest on these loans, but has other consequences that hurt both lenders and consumers.
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Not-so-close call: Bankers face stricter pay rules

Wall Street bankers get new boot heel to neck
Small, work-from-home loan originators at some credit unions dodged the latest regulatory attempt to force them them to open offices. Wall Street bankers, however, aren’t as lucky. At least not when it comes to their $$$.
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Here's why seasonality matters in the housing market

A look behind the numbers
The concept of seasonality is not well understood or appreciated today. Knowing how seasonality works can make all the difference for when homebuyers and sellers should consider entering the housing market. This is how you should be reading the housing numbers.
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Next major issue lenders need to tackle: Cybersecurity

Mortgage lending presents a ripe target for cyber attackers
Last chance! Sign up for HousingWire's webinar this afternoon. As fast as the digital world is growing, the number of hackers trying to take it down are growing faster. The threat is rising exponentially, not decreasing. And if the people and families behind the information your company is storing aren't enough motivation to be diligent in this area, the trillions in lost revenue should be. So how susceptible are you?
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Here's how to prepare for a CFPB audit

Build a compliant framework in these 5 steps
Audits are announced with only a few weeks’ notice — if your house isn’t in order by the time the audit is scheduled, it’s likely too late to establish a track record of building internal policies that show evidence of protecting consumers and training employees to act in accordance with CFPB best practices.
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