This is what justifies Texas economic pride

This is what justifies Texas economic pride

Happy Independence Day, Texas

Morgan Stanley expects mortgage bond lawsuit from New York AG

Subprime securitizations at the center of lawsuit

Things at Ocwen just went from bad to much, much worse

Embattled company hit with an avalanche of bad news


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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Ginnie Mae haunted by Taylor, Bean & Whitaker

REITs focus on MBS sputter; Private mortgage bond market looks strong
Trey Garrison
Ginnie Mae is in trouble, but not because of its core mortgage business. Also, signs that the housing and mortgage finance space may be slowing aren’t troubling non-agency MBS analysts, while Credit Suisse is battening down the hatches. Here’s the scoop.
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Foreclosure: The Movie… (finally!) coming to a screen near you

In new film, neighborhood of foreclosed homes drives man insane
Ben Lane
You can say a lot of things about the foreclosure crisis, but you can’t say that moving into a neighborhood destroyed by foreclosures could drive a man insane after he falls victim to ancient curses while living a haunted house. Until now!
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The Atlantic asks why homebuilders build homes people want

The mediocrity and mendacity of thinking you know what’s best for everyone else
Trey Garrison
Talking about homebuilding and homebuying, The Atlantic stakes this reasoned position - "The whole world won't listen to what I'm telling it to do. What's wrong with the world?"
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Bloomberg: CFPB wrong to stop racist auto dealers

There is no unintended discrimination with car loans
Jacob Gaffney
First of all, let’s set one thing straight: discrimination is rampant in the credit markets. Period. There are heavy-handed guidelines in the mortgage lending space that deal harshly with racist housing institutions. That there is no federal proxy for auto lending is nothing short of pitiful.
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Is self-servicing the future of mortgage servicing?

Thoughts on the future from MBA Servicing 2015
Ben Lane
Whether in the meeting rooms, in the hallways, or down on the expo floor of the Gaylord Texan, one of the main discussion topics at this year’s MBA Servicing conference has been the future of the mortgage servicing business. One trend that attendees are sure will continue is the migration of the mortgage process onto the web and servicers need to be prepared.
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Where are the non-bank servicers?

Non-bank servicers should follow Ocwen's example
Craig Nickerson
While the economic recovery is well underway in many parts of America, not all local markets are participating. Many communities that were hard hit by the housing and economic crisis, particularly in the Midwest and Southeast, are being left behind.
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Like the postman, nothing will stop a good MBA servicing show

Not rain, sleet or snow
Sanjeev Dahiwadkar
While most attendees probably hoped they were traveling to Texas to escape the cold weather in their home states, they were wrong. However, despite the cold weather, those who made it were not disappointed.
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MBA Servicing: Why would anyone bother to do this anymore?

Regulations are choking the life out of this business
Trey Garrison
What's the word on everyone's mind at MBA Servicing 2015? Regulations. Why does it matter? Because the cure has become worse than the illness.
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“Frozen”: The state of mortgage servicing today

Thoughts from MBA Servicing
David Vida
Regulators are uncomfortable with the prospect of giant non-bank servicers. But what size should servicers be? Twenty years ago, 100,000 accounts was a big servicer. Now, it’s the bare minimum. But, if that’s the floor, is there also a ceiling?
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Mortgage app decline alarms analysts

Big times in Texas with MBA Servicing conference; January grim?
Trey Garrison
With the MBA Servicing Conference taking place in Dallas this week, some alarming early signs in housing metrics, analysts reconsidering their views on agency and non-agency MBS, and the HUD secretary testifying before Congress, there's only one place to get all the information you need to make it through. Here's your guide.
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