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Here's proof your cybersecurity efforts might totally fail

We can't stress it enough
The threat of a cyber attack on a company, regardless of size, is unfortunately extremely likely, and the threat is only escalating. However, even though the threat is universal, it doesn’t mean companies should use the same defense plan. Debbie Hoffman, chief legal officer at Digital Risk, provides this as a better strategy.
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How burdensome regulations now mean survival of the fittest

The mortgage industry needs more than compliance capabilities
Even today, the consequences of the mortgage crisis of 2008 resonate throughout the mortgage industry. However, the biggest impact from the meltdown wasn't sweeping regulation. Most will agree that there will be more “TRIDs” or “ATRs.” Instead, it's this key factor for businesses that is important.
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There's no consensus on GSE reform, but there is this

Revolution deadline, TBD
After attending a conference with some of the top investors in housing, I’ve come to realize housing is as close to solving GSE reform as it is in solving "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" But amid all the opinions and solutions discussed, there was one session right before I headed back to Dallas that tossed out an opinion I think needs to be mentioned.
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Love working in real estate finance, but hate to network?

3 tips to master small talk
As consummate appraisers, real estate agents, mortgage loan brokers, etc., readers of HousingWire are often called upon to network as part of their jobs, be it happy hour or industry conferences, such as MBA Secondary, which is going on right now. Love it or hate it, but at least learn to master it.
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Clear Capital laughs off Money Monster coincidence

George Clooney not the only one taken hostage
The Jodie Foster-directed financial thriller, which sees TV stock tipper Lee Gates (George Clooney) taken hostage by a disgruntled investor, held an unexpected consequence for a company near and dear to the mortgage finance industry. Sadly, it's not the first time something like this happened.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: CFPB targets high-risk home lending groups

Plus the problem with Money Monster
The CFPB is joining with the New York State Department of Financial Services to look into a set of home loans they don't like. Also, REITs continue a bull run. Plus, did anyone go and see 'Money Monster' at the cinema this weekend? Well, the hard-working men and women at the real Clear Capital did and they didn't like it. Here's why.
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Politicos want to refinance HUD, start by looking in the wrong place

U.K. affordable housing as good model? Not even close
It's true that the financing of social housing operates very differently in the two systems. But let’s be 100% clear: that is where the comparison ends. The thought that affordable housing in the U.K. somehow offers a better social alternative is laughable, at the very least. And here's why.
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5 keys to ensure security and compliance with modern mortgages

Holding complaints at bay keeps the CFPB away
In a world with increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and stricter mortgage guidelines, modern technology is the answer for risk mitigation. Here’s how mortgage settlement service providers and their lenders can guarantee security and benefit from turn-key compliance.
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