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Have questions on our Insiders award program? We've got answers

Everything you need to know about nominating
The Insiders could be leading out in different ways, but may also just be excellent at their particular job. Leaders are great, but so are the people who actually execute on a leader's vision and direction. The Insiders are people in the trenches every day, making things better.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: #Brexit fallout; what’s happening and what’s next?

More on the impact U.K. vote to leave European Union; other news of note
Well, it was all #Brexit all the time, all weekend long. Here, in your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee, are more views of the impact of the United Kingdom's shocking decision to leave the European Union behind, both in the long-term and the short-term. Plus, what some U.S. lenders are doing right now to take advantage of the post-Brexit world. For all that and more, click the headline.
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Fair Chance at Housing Act offers solutions for people with criminal records

Second chances depend on affordable homes
Too frequently, people with criminal records are refused housing or are precluded from rejoining their families, as most plan to do. That’s because housing providers have broad discretion in deciding who is permitted to live in their properties. As a result, formerly incarcerated individuals looking to make the most of their second chance instead find themselves at risk of becoming homeless or recidivating.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: One year later, Arizona Realtor still missing

Here's how much a cyber breach will cost your company
Welcome to the first day of summer! Things are on rise this week, with both cyber breaches and rents reporting just how much they've each grown. On the opposite side, San Francisco housing finally isn't rising. And now one year after his bother went missing, Chris Cranston recounts the case to The Huffington Post’s Senior Crime Reporter.
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Happy Father's Day, here's what dads want in a home

No. 1 should come as no surprise
Don’t worry, there are still two days left before Father’s Day, just in case you forgot. In honor of the holiday, Bruce Elliott, president-elect of the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, chatted with HousingWire on the top factors fathers want in a home.
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California bill to protect surviving homeowners up for vote

The Homeowner Survivor Bill of Rights
California took initiative in 2013 and implemented California's Homeowner Bill of Rights, which stops mortgage servicers from engaging in abusive practices that were leading to unnecessary foreclosures on families throughout the state. The problem isn't over though. A new bill that should fix the problem areas is expected to be voted on next Monday.
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This is how HousingWire will celebrate the housing industry's Insiders

New award program recognizes your company's best-kept secret
We love executives, but we want to champion the people who are invaluable to companies in a hundred other ways as well. The HW Insiders will recognize the professionals that are central to a company's success — the people everyone knows internally as a critical resource, but who aren't as visible to the industry at large.
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