Game changer? Quicken Loans takes mortgage lending fully digital

Google launches mortgage comparison tool with Zillow

LendingTree will also bring mortgages to Google

Fannie Mae continues shifting credit risk to insurers

Completes fifth and sixth Credit Insurance Risk Transfer deals

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Zillow sweetens paid leave for new parents

8 more weeks for new moms
Zillow Group said it will offer eight weeks of paid leave for all parents and eight additional weeks of fully paid leave for new birth moms, who previously received partially paid 12 weeks, according to this article in the Seattle Times.
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New York Fed chief declares housing economy solid

But won’t talk interest rates
Dudley sits on the Federal Open Market Committee, which regularly meets to discuss moving away from ZIRP and the economic conditions necessary to do so without major upheavals in the financial markets. His vote, therefore, either 'yea' or 'nay' carries much weight.
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