Articles by Jacob Gaffney

Trailblazer: Caliber Home Loans markets first non-prime mortgage bond

Can only get single-A, for now
There are pros and cons to this deal. Nearly half of the borrowers in the deal show a prior credit event, including foreclosure, bankruptcy, short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure. However, the average borrower holds $230,000 in liquid reserves. And Fitch said there are some concerns on the issuer side as well, which limited the strength of the rating. The highest pool is single-A.
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Trump University and the golden standard of real estate sales

Is this real estate education or just plain fraud?
The Trump University Sales Playbook tells sales staff to make a minimum of 80 calls a day; while trying to sell to college-educated male head of households making more than $90k/year. Is this real estate education or just plain fraud? Either way, he just announced plans to reopen the controversial University.
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