Teresa Bryce Bazemore

Teresa Bryce Bazemore is president of Radian Guaranty Inc., Radian Group Inc.’s principal mortgage insurance subsidiary. As president, Bazemore is responsible for all domestic and international mortgage insurance business operations.


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Unlocking the door to homeownership

Two programs strike a delicate balance between access and quality
Almost a decade after the housing crisis, many responsible potential homeowners remain locked out of the market. But recently there have been a pair of hopeful developments that may be key to opening doors to homeownership for qualified first-time and underserved buyers. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have unboxed two long-anticipated initiatives designed to make credit more available to deserving potential buyers without compromising standards. Importantly, these are not politically driven affordable lending programs. 
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Sustainable homeownership for a new generation

The diversity of Millennials drives the future
Millennials will continue to enter the housing market in growing numbers in the coming years, and those who work in housing need to recognize and embrace the most important ways the Millennial generation differs from previous generations of homebuyers. Their diversity is at the top of the list.
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