Kristin Messerli

Kristin Messerli

Kristin Messerli is the managing director of Cultural Outreach Solutions, specializing in helping companies in the mortgage industry better reach and serve Millennial and multicultural homebuyers through marketing, customer service and recruitment strategies. She is currently rolling out the first Millennial-focused product to empower loan officers through cutting-edge training and marketing solutions. Contact for more information.


What lenders are missing when it comes to mobile technology

Five reasons why lenders need mobile technology
The majority of homebuyers, especially Millennials, do extensive research online and on their mobile devices before making any purchase — especially for something as large as a home. While many lenders are jumping on the trend to incorporate technology into their customer experience, they are often ignoring the reasons why the technology matters. Here are five reasons why mobile technology should be key to every lender’s strategy.
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4 tips on capturing real estate clients through Pokémon Go

Gotta catch em all
This summer you may have noticed more young people than usual walking down the street staring intensely at their cell phones (sometimes to the point of physical injury!). While it may appear laughable to some, mortgage and real estate professionals can incorporate the game into their marketing strategy. Don’t believe me? Here’s how others are doing it.
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A social media guide for LOs and real estate agents to be successful

The do’s and don’ts on social media presence
When Millennials start doing their research online to buy a home, they will look to the individual employee’s social media presence and customer reviews - not the company’s. This highlights the importance of the social media presence of loan officers and real estate agents in order to be successful and competitive in the market. Here is a list of “do’s and don’ts” for employees to follow.
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Mortgage lenders need to act now or miss the Millennial market

Waiting will cost your business
The opportunity to reach the Millennial surge of buyers is not years away, and it won’t happen automatically. They are not happy with the way most providers in today’s environment are reaching them, which means there is an opportunity today to capture the current 1 in 3 purchasers and the countless other Millennials considering their next steps as financially stable households. Are you prepared for them?
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Mortgage lenders need to use TILA/RESPA to their advantage

The key to capturing the millennial market share
The upcoming TILA/RESPA disclosure integrations and the growing mound of regulatory requirements are causing a lot of concern in the industry, but rather than being focused on staying afloat with compliance, lenders need to change their perspective. The key to capturing new market share might be just around the corner.
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What immigration reform means for housing

Growth potential among immigrants is substantial
With the recent announcement of President Obama’s Executive Order on immigration reform, responses from both sides of the political spectrum have been mixed. However, the reform can be expected to spur new opportunities for growth in the housing market.
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