Top 5 cities where safety is not a question

Top 5 cities where safety is not a question

Number one shouldn't be a shocker

Where's Watt?

FHFA scorecard should be marked tardy

Rentership society? Insider trading on Russian sanctions?

What We're Reading: The Good Friday edition

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From HW Magazine

Funding the MSR land grab

What the industry is doing with its excess warehouse space
March 31, 2014
Large banks are actively looking to minimize their MSR exposure. 2014 is likely to go down as the year of mortgage servicing financing.
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From HW Magazine

Double down

Mortgage servicers bet big on once-obscure advance receivables
January 31, 2014
Nonbank mortgage servicers are taking a big chance on servicer advance receivables, and it is quickly becoming a multibillion-dollar market.
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From HW Magazine

For rent: On the money trail of the burgeoning NPL and REO markets

November 1, 2013
The nation is slowly filling with rentals. However, how investors are bringing these properties to the scores of new American renters is not as easy as apple pie.
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ARMs revival framed by harder regs

Government spoils the party just as it got started
October 1, 2013
In the chase for mortgage origination crumbs, Chairman and CEO of PennyMac Stanford Kurland noted that ARMs "have become more attractive relative to fixed-rate mortgages."
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Powerless: Market lessons from Superstorm Sandy

Sandy exposes housing and mortgage market vulnerabilities
January 2, 2013
Anecdotes abound after natural disasters displace businesses.After Hurricane Sandy walloped the East Coast, there was talk of mortgage bond traders, unable to enter Lower Manhattan in the...
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REO-to-rental not ready for prime time

November 30, 2012
Secondary market interest in distressed single-family homes converted to rentals continues to attract a lot of interest. But figuring out how this up-and-coming asset class will...
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REITs struggle to gain foothold in mortgage finance

October 18, 2011
At the start of 2011 real estate investment trusts were all the rage. Eight months in, and that picture has changed dramatically. The market now must deal with new players who use tax-exempt REIT status for new types of hedging. And short-term success may rest ultimately on upcoming regulatory decisions at the Securities & Exchange Commission.
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US economy absorbs downgrade, but will mortgage finance?

October 1, 2011
The economic recovery is continuing despite clear efforts to try to kill it. Even after one of the most painful quarters in history, the nation is still technically not in a double-dip recession, and few expect such an event to happen.
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QE3 chatter

September 1, 2011
The recent discord over the nation's debt ceiling highlighted the fragile macroeconomic backdrop in which the Federal Reserve's second round of quantitative easing came to its end. And it wasn't a moment before QE2 ended rumors of QE3 started in the secondary marketplace. Speculation centered on Fed strategy. If the central bank failed to boost the nation's economy and housing markets as a result of QE2, would QE3 be structured to do the opposite?
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Is now the right time for REITs?

June 1, 2011
Over the past several months, the market for initial public offerings of mortgage real estate investment trusts has increased significantly. Demand for REITs, it seems, are at an all-time high. In fact the industry has developed into a $1 trillion market with $300 billion in the U.S. and another $700 billion elsewhere, according to the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts.
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