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Think compliance is hard now? Wait till the new HMDA regs kick in

Notes from the compliance town hall at the Ellie Mae Experience conference
“I’m amazed that we can’t do HMDA right — it’s been around since the 70s,” said Jack Konyk, executive director of government affairs for Weiner, Brodsky, Kider. “If you can’t get HMDA right now when there are only, for example, three possible demographic answers, God help you next year when there are over 20.”
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Ellie Mae hosts Build-a-Bear charity event for children's charities

Experience conference program benefits local community
Brightly colored bears, monkeys, puppies, alligators and giraffes line tables at Ellie Mae’s Experience conference, ready to be delivered to five separate children’s charities in Las Vegas. The mobile Build-a-Bear workshop is part of the company’s volunteer program, EllieCares, and will benefit Ronald McDonald House of Greater Las Vegas, Community Outreach of Nevada, CIS (Communities in Schools) Nevada, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, and The Foundation for Positively Kids.  
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At the Ellie Mae Experience conference, the company's growth is palpable

Capping off a blockbuster year, the company rolls out more enhancements
The setting — the bright, exuberant Wynn in Las Vegas — provides a fitting backdrop for the upbeat conference. But make no mistake: Ellie Mae’s growth is a result of some serious challenges facing the mortgage industry, and many at the conference are there to find answers.
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Here's how to really increase innovation in mortgage banking

Adam Grant brings thinking on "Originals" to Ellie Mae conference
Alan Grant is a professor at the Wharton school of business who researches creativity and innovation. In a wide-ranging and entertaining session at the Ellie Mae conference, Grant detailed what really fosters innovative thinking within companies.
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Biggest industry pain points with TRID still tied to title and settlement services

Ellie Mae Experience conference panel outlines where proposed changes still fall short
In a conference room packed with lenders at the Ellie Mae Experience conference, it was clear that the proposed changes to the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule are welcome, but don't go nearly far enough. The biggest complaint? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed changes to the rule don't address two of the biggest challenges, both of which concern lenders coordinating with title and settlement services.
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How consumer demand is fueling a mortgage transformation

Companies are innovating to keep pace with heightened expectations
Ironically, the monkey on the mortgage industry’s back for the past 10 years — increasing regulation — is the very thing that forced companies to find efficiencies in every part of the process, which serves them well as they look to engage tech-savvy consumers. Even as the enforcement of some of those regulations is now in question, the long-lasting benefits of investing in automation will stand. 
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Was TRID worth it?

Plus a window into the credit invisible
For businesses in the mortgage space, there's some optimism of late thanks to the Trump administration's emphasis on deregulation. And that's understandable. But what about all the time, energy, and money that the industry spent over the last few years dealing with a glut of new regulations? Was it all worth it?
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