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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Trump shows he's serious about deregulation

Also, The New York Times goes negative on Quicken Loans
Newly installed President Donald Trump gave some indication of his deregulation strategy Friday night, when he signed an executive order seeking to repeal the Affordable Care Act. An executive order doesn't change the existing law, but does change the enforcement of the law, a course of action that could just as easily be applied to mortgage legislation like Dodd-Frank.
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Tell HousingWire about your company's good news

Help us help you
Was your company named one of the best places to work in your city? Let us know. Did your business reach a milestone in longevity, software development or number of customers served? We want to hear about it. Here's how to help us spread the word.
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Executive Conversation: Andy Higginbotham on Freddie Mac’s Loan Advisor Suite

Freddie Mac’s simple, integrated technology solution helps reduce costs and provide certainty in the loan origination process
HousingWire talks with Andy Higginbotham, senior vice president of strategic delivery at Freddie Mac, to discuss how the company’s Loan Advisor Suite helps reduce costs and provide certainty in the loan origination process.
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Here's the shortlist for the real power position at HUD: deputy secretary

Three names that should reassure those unsure of Carson's credentials
The HUD secretary, like many other Cabinet positions, is the public face of the department — meeting with housing leaders around the country, listening to local concerns and celebrating milestones. Most of the day-to-day operations are handled by the deputy secretary, currently Nani Coloretti, who essentially serves as COO. These are the names of Coloretti's possible future replacement.
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What will the mortgage industry look like with a new sheriff in town?

Ballard Spahr partner outlines what to expect under Trump
While other state and federal regulatory bodies overlap in their regulation of the mortgage industry, the very particular consumer focus of the CFPB is not duplicated by any other body. Will deregulation mean a return to the Wild West lending atmosphere that led to the financial crisis? What happens next? We asked John Socknat, partner at Ballard Spahr, to weigh in on what mortgage lenders and servicers can expect from a Trump administration.
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Hot Seat: Ralph Armenta of Alight

How continuous forecasting is especially important for independent mortgage banks
Mortgage banking is not the sleepy cottage industry of yesterday. Mortgage banks have evolved into highly competitive, real-time, geographically dispersed businesses that require firm owners, CEOs, CFOs and sales leadership to keep a finger on the pulse of the enterprise 24/7 to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate losses.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Trump's potential power play at the Fed

Homebuilders cheer the EPA's decision on stormwater requirements
Cabinet positions aren't the only areas of uncertainty under a Trump administration. With the next FOMC meeting set for Dec. 13-14, Fed watchers are speculating on what he plans to do with the Fed once in office. In an article on Sunday, The Hill outlined several Republican priorities that might now see daylight, including subjecting the Fed’s monetary policy decisions to outside review and requiring the central bank to adhere to rules in setting policy.
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How a Trump presidency will shock the mortgage industry

How long will the CFPB survive?
The PHH ruling that put the CFPB under the authority of the president seemed like a nonevent given a Clinton victory — it’s not like she was going to disband the regulatory agency birthed by Elizabeth Warren. Any change to the status quo was kicked down the road by at least four years. Except Trump won. And Republicans now control the Senate and the House. Read this expert commentary from HousingWire Editor Sarah Wheeler.
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What was Kevin Costner doing at MBA Annual? Swinging for the fences with his investment

Movie star's stake in Lender Price goes beyond being "a hood ornament"
Celebrity sightings aren’t unusual at mortgage industry conventions, but they usually involve keynote speakers or concert headliners. What is less common, even downright scarce, is the appearance of a bona fide movie star who has a real stake in a mortgage company and shows up to talk about it.
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