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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Crusading for affordable housing at the Republican Convention

Plus, the Miami real estate shell game
One of the biggest events this week will be the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The Republican party platform contains specific recommendations for housing, including winding down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and reducing the size of the Federal Housing Administration, but it remains to be seen what actually gets talked about at the convention, much less enacted should the Republicans win the presidency.
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Have questions on our Insiders award program? We've got answers

Everything you need to know about nominating
The Insiders could be leading out in different ways, but may also just be excellent at their particular job. Leaders are great, but so are the people who actually execute on a leader's vision and direction. The Insiders are people in the trenches every day, making things better.
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[Factsheet] The difference between military and non-military homebuyers and sellers

Shareable infographic tells it all
Serving in the military dictates many home buying and selling decisions for active-duty members, and continues to have residual effects — both positive and negative — for veterans. This week's HousingWire factsheet uses data from the National Association of Realtors' latest profile of homebuyers and Sellers to show just how different their housing decisions are.
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This is how HousingWire will celebrate the housing industry's Insiders

New award program recognizes your company's best-kept secret
We love executives, but we want to champion the people who are invaluable to companies in a hundred other ways as well. The HW Insiders will recognize the professionals that are central to a company's success — the people everyone knows internally as a critical resource, but who aren't as visible to the industry at large.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Trump U paid AGs? NY Fed Bank heist warning?

Also, jobs crises may be like housing crash
Yahoo News broke a story on Sunday revealing that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York — which was the victim of a spectacular $81 million heist in February — actually blocked 35 requests for money transfers, but then approved five of those transfers later. Plus, two attorneys general who dismissed Trump U charges received campaign contributions.
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Make way for the 2016 class of Rising Stars

This is the third time we've recognized young leaders in our Rising Stars program, and the list just keeps getting better. Following the proud tradition of earlier winners, these leaders have overachieved in lending, servicing, investing and real estate (making the rest of us question what we're doing with our lives in the process).
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Hot Seat: David Mentesana of MyAMC

Helping lenders meet the deadline for HUD's EAD portal
Our team works closely with field appraisers to reduce warning flags and mitigate the risk of quality issues identified by the CU model. A high score, for example, may be driven by data that is inconsistent with what an appraiser has previously used in terms of condition, quality ratings, view, location, and other factors.
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Where's the money in tiny homes?

Here are two ways to capitalize on the minimalist trend
Until recently, the few dozen tiny communities across the country were run largely by proponents of tiny living who had banded together or as affordable housing for the homeless. But that all started to change in 2014, when creating tiny house communities started gaining momentum among some traditional builders who want to have a stake in the new trend.
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Hot Seat: Angela Cheek of Ellie Mae

Compliance Management System brings all parties together
The Ellie Mae Compliance Management System leverages Mavent, an automated compliance system which performs more than 370 federal, state and local consumer protection compliance reviews during the loan lifecycle. It also references AllRegs Online to ensure users are up-to-date and in compliance with the latest regulatory changes.
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