FHFA announces 2016 conforming loan limits

FHFA announces 2016 conforming loan limits

Much of U.S. left unchanged; limits increase in 39 ‘high-cost’ counties

Game changer? Quicken Loans takes mortgage lending fully digital

Launches Rocket Mortgage

Google launches mortgage comparison tool with Zillow

LendingTree will also bring mortgages to Google

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Here's everything the Democrats said about housing in Saturday's debate

Wall Street influence and Glass-Steagall dominated the discussion
As we did with the Republican debate last week, HousingWire listened to the Democratic debate on Saturday with an ear to the housing economy. Of course, that's a broad term, covering everything from mortgage banking to real estate. In the case of the Democratic debate, the conversation the candidates had about the influence of Wall Street banks and regulation to break up the banks was about as close as it came.
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Texas notaries need to replace current seals

Action seeks to reduce fraudulent title transfers
The Real Estate, Probate and Trust Law section of the State Bar of Texas is warning all notaries that they should replace their current seals with new ones issued by the Secretary of State to avoid possible complications with third parties.Previously, only new or renewing notaries were required to get new seals.
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90-year-old WWII vet returns to home after eviction

GoFundMe drive paid off second mortgage
Hodges had been evicted this summer after falling behind on mortgage payments and owed more than $70,000. The GoFundMe account was started by someone who read about Hodges' plight in the Buffalo News and went viral after Yahoo! Real Estate shared the story.
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Here's everything the GOP candidates said about housing in the fourth debate

One common theme: Too much regulation
This is just one interesting quote from the debate. Fiorina: "And now what do we have with Dodd-Frank? The classic of crony capitalism. The big have gotten bigger, 1,590 community banks have gone out of business, and on top of all that, we've created something called the Consumer Financial Production Bureau, a vast bureaucracy with no congressional oversight that's digging through hundreds of millions of your credit records to detect fraud."
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LeBron James buys Hollywood home for $21 million

Planning more movies?
LeBron James, a forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers, just bought a $21 million home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, according to Variety. The NBA star got rave reviews for his part in Trainwreck this summer and buying a home near Hollywood certainly suggests more acting is in his future.
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2014 JPMorgan bank hack part of biggest in history

New charges reveal the scope of the scheme against financial institutions
The defendants ran their scheme from 2012 to mid-2015 and laundered their money through at least 75 shell companies, according to the indictment. The JP Morgan hack occurred in June 2014 but was not discovered until several months later and is estimated to include 83 million households and 7 million small businesses.
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