Articles by Brena Swanson

Fitch: Brexit to bring another tough round of earnings

Blame MSRs…again
Remember this year's rough first-quarter earnings season thanks to historically low interest rates? Well, according to a new report from Fitch, the market might experience it all over again. This time Brexit is to blame. It's not bad for everyone though. Fitch pinpointed that this group will get hit the worst.
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Home shoppers! Here are 6 tips to help save for your new home

In recognition of American Housing Month
Approximately 52% of Americans plan to buy a home in the next five years, leaving 1,825 days to save anywhere from a 3% to 20% down payment. So you better start saving now! In recognition of American Housing Month, the American Bankers Association Foundation highlighted six tips to help consumers cut costs and start saving.
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Appraisal volume remains stubborn despite low interest rates

Brexit impact not yet felt on housing market
Appraisal volume doesn’t appear to be budging for anything. Volume continued to trudge along at a very low volume for the majority of spring and now into summer. According to Kevin Golden, director of analytics with a la mode, it's not the potential low rates from Brexit that will impact housing.
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Guaranteed Rate offers 1% down mortgage program through homebuyer grant with Chicago

No first-time homebuyer requirement
Low down payment mortgage programs have made quite the entrance in to the market as of late. Quicken Loans revealed the details of what went factors made up its 1% down, and now Guaranteed Rate revealed a new 1% down program. This program, however, is significantly different, as Kasey Marty, executive vice president of secondary marketing with Guaranteed Rate, explains.
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Consumer sentiment down even before Brexit news

Drops in June
Just hours after the news that British voters decided to leave the European Union, the U.S. released its monthly consumer sentiment report for June, revealing that consumers already had a slightly dimmer view of the economy before the Brexit news.
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