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Wells Fargo moves to begin internal investigation into fake accounts

Reportedly chooses four independent board members to lead inquiry
Wells Fargo is reportedly ready to take the next step in its attempt to climb back out of the hole it dug itself after a scandal enveloped the bank involving 5,000 of the bank’s former employees opening as many as 2 million accounts without authorization in order to get sales bonuses.
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Bay Area suddenly heats up again

Home sales increase by 10% in November
After California’s recent cool-down in home sales, the Bay Area is heating up once again with increases in home sales during November. But is this a temporary post-election spike, or a new housing trend?
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OwnAmerica CEO: What the single-family rental market looks like under Trump Administration

What can Ben Carson do for housing?
The housing market thrives on optimism, which is what the market is getting so far under President-elect Donald Trump, at least that’s what OwnAmerica CEO Greg Rand said. Taking into account that Ben Carson is now slated to lead HUD, rand explains what positive areas he sees ahead for housing.
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[infographic] A snapshot of today’s first-time homebuyer

MGIC: 7 essential facts
The data is in for the newest profile of this year’s first-time homebuyer. MGIC pulled out these seven handy facts and created a shareable infographic to describe top traits of the homebuyer group. Sneak peak: Do you know the average age of a first-time homebuyer is? It's 32 years old.
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Here are the 25 cities with the biggest rent hikes

Looking to become a single-family investor?
There’s still plenty of opportunity in the single-family rental market as steadily rising home prices keep profits up. The top places to invest in America, however, are always fluctuating, with this quarter’s top 25 list showing a notable departure from the past several quarters. Say goodbye to the Sunshine State.
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Trump’s election pushes up consumer optimism

Pressure is high for Trump administration’s first moves
President-elect Donald Trump’s surprising win in the presidential elections is pushing consumer sentiment to just below 2015 highs. The Survey of Consumers’ chief economist explains the effect this will have on Trump’s administration when he takes over the oval office in January.
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Tips on how to know if a HELOC is right for you

Home prices on the rise
Increasing home prices are old news, meaning more borrowers are starting to consider getting a home equity line of credit. For those borrowers debating if a HELOC is right for them, here are some suggestions on what to expect going into the process.
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