CoreLogic: Foreclosures down more than 25% since August 2014

CoreLogic: Foreclosures down more than 25% since August 2014

Foreclosure pipeline of legacy loans remains elevated

Here’s how TRID is changing the mortgage industry

Up and down the pipeline things are changing

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Is Fed, housing policy at a crossroads?

Plus why private investors don’t want to buy mortgages, TRID and more

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[Chart] Millennials worry about the affordability of life itself

BofA: This keeps them up at night, probably
The cost of living is a main concern for the majority of Millennials, regardless of where they live. And the worries don’t end there. The ability to save, find a new job and even lose a job causes them to not sleep at night, according to some calculations from Bank of America and USA Today.
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Pavaso releases end-to-end digital real estate process

Addresses TRID challenges
Pavaso completed its end-to-end digital process for the mortgage and real estate industry with the addition of its sales contract negotiation tool for real estate agents. The CEO of the company said it is now providing the industry with a clear path to evolving and catching up with consumer technology.
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Denver’s marijuana boom pushing city into housing crisis

Legalization of marijuana great for city’s economy, but not for housing
The legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado has had a positive impact on the state’s economy, but the state’s largest city is facing a housing crisis, as steeply rising home prices are pricing out much of the city’s population.
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Trulia: Americans just not worried about mortgage rates rising

Rates would need to rise more than 2% to make a difference
Low rates in part helped push mortgage applications to a surge last week, and rates have held steadily below 4% for 11 weeks. Now Selma Hepp, chief economist at Trulia, argues that it would take a big increase for homebuyers to care that much. A big, big increase.
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CoesterVMS releases new appraisal fee calculator

Real solution for TRID

CoesterVMS is getting ready to release a disclosure calculator for TRID that produces fee quotes based on property complexity and product selection. After using the calculator, users have the option to place an order or save the quote for later use.

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$4 billion Ginnie Mae bulk MSR portfolio available for sale

Features 97% 30-year fixed rate loans, average 22 months seasoning
Buyers looking to score some Ginnie Mae servicing are in luck. Interactive Mortgage Advisors announced the sale of a $4 billion Ginnie Mae bulk portfolio of residential mortgage servicing rights. And according to Thomas Piercy, managing member of Interactive Mortgage Advisors, the portfolio is “most likely the best Ginnie Mae deal offered this year.”
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[Chart] FHA mortgage insurance boom in the works?

MBA notes impact of cutting MIPs
The Federal Housing Administration’s share of purchase mortgage originations steadily declined from 2010 until 2015. So why did the course reverse in 2015 and does this mean a federally backed mortgage insurance boom is in the works?
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