Here's how to handle electronic delivery of mortgage disclosures

Fannie Mae picks non-profit for first small sale of non-performing loans

Completes first “Community Impact Pool” sale

The do’s and don’ts of good credit for Millennials

Here's how to build you score


Mortgage industry to CFPB: Stop normalizing bad data

Fix the consumer complaint database, industry says
The mortgage finance industry is still not happy with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and its consumer complaint narrative database, which publishes unvetted and unverified anonymous complaints against specific companies. Want to know more? Of course you do.
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Fannie Mae picks non-profit for first small sale of non-performing loans

Completes first “Community Impact Pool” sale
Fannie Mae announced the winner of its first sale of non-performing loans as part of its “Community Impact Pool” program, which consists of smaller pools of non-performing loans and is designed to attract diverse participation by non-profits, small investors and minority- and women-owned businesses. Click here to read more.
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Texas man gets 17 years for $20M Disney land scam

Duped investors into thinking Magic Kingdom coming to Dallas
A Texas man who swindled real estate investors with a story about a fake Disney theme park coming to the Dallas area was sentenced on Tuesday to 17-and-a-half years in federal prison. It was pretty bold.
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Reminder: Rehab REOs to increase profits

Don't sell property "as is"
Servicing and asset management organizations involved in the mortgage default arena need to look once again at each REO property on an individual case-by-case basis to determine if rehabilitation and/or property improvements are the best marketing strategy for each property.
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Construction spending rises to 7-year high

Residential construction rises 1.3% from June
Overall construction spending during July 2015 was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1,083.4 billion, 0.7% (±1.5%) above the revised June estimate of $1,075.9 billion, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday. Here's what it means for housing.
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Are REOs ready for a comeback?

Clear Capital: Increases in distressed, seasonal changes suggest yes
A new report from Clear Capital suggests that REOs and short sales may be on the rise again, what with the saturation of distressed properties on the rise, plus some other factors. Worried? Getting cash ready? Read on.
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From HW Magazine

Company Spotlight:

Meeting the growing demand for mobile transactions
“Within our competitive environment, we have a pretty significant lead in terms of our technology deployment,” Sharga said. “Our partnership with Google has been very helpful to our product and engineering teams, which are tapping into Google’s expertise for mobile development and SEO optimization."
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At bloggerheads: The latest #FannieGate rumor challenged by the media

Settlement rumors stir up fracas among analysts, investors and media
Rafferty Capital’s Dick Bove recently told clients a Presidential round of golf, included a lawyer whose firm is at the center of the #FannieGate debacle, suggests the White House is pushing everyone to reach a settlement. Seemed harmless enough, but by the afternoon, things started getting really interesting.
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