TRID is a real obstacle to mortgage process

LoanDepot closes first $150M securitization of personal loans

Demand for new personal loans takes off

[Report] The housing market can withstand a Fed interest rate hike

But can it survive rising home prices?


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Trailblazers: SecureView

Clear boarding system preserves individual assets and revitalizes neighborhoods
Boarded houses advertise a property’s vacancy, increasing vandalism and other crimes. Seeing the neighborhood blight that resulted from these plywood-boarded properties inspired Robert Klein, founder of Safeguard Properties, to develop a new product that solved these problems: SecureView.
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Hot Seat: Patrick Nackley of Superior Home Services

Helping servicers get the most out of hazard claims
We don’t want servicers to get shorted on pricing, depreciation, being paid overhead and profit. If you are maximizing the value of each settlement and anticipating using that money to repair, you are reducing the incidents of corporate contribution.
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CFPB: Complaints against Ocwen are falling

Nonbank showing improvement in consumer complaints
Perhaps constantly being under the microscope of regulators is having a positive impact on Ocwen Financial and its standing with its customers. According to a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, complaints about Ocwen dropped by a significant margin in the last year.
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Is your company leading the technology revolution? Prove it

Deadline quickly approaching for entry in HousingWire tech awards
The technological revolution is happening, right now. Here at HousingWire, we see that innovation happening and feel it deserves some serious kudos. The shouting it from the rooftops kind, to be exact. It’s in that spirit that HousingWire honors the most innovative innovators who’ve innovated in the most innovative ways in the last year.
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International manhunt ends in arrest of field servicer on child prostitution charges

Royal Thai Police arrest North Carolina man for connection to prostitution ring
[Editor's note: The following story contains graphic details.] Mickey Snow, the owner and operator of a multi-state field services provider that until recently provided services to one of the government-sponsored enterprises, was arrested in Thailand after leading authorities on a worldwide chase to avoid prosecution on child prostitution charges.
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NAMFS raises concerns over the new GSE property inspection forms

Redefines the role of default property inspector
The concern of field services providers focuses on the agencies' reliance on a property inspection to determine the full extent of interior and exterior property damage, including what is not clearly visible. Additionally, there is an expectation for the inspector to make recommendations for repairs and to assess insurable and environmental damages.
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Cenlar expands operations in Arizona

Opens new office in Tempe
Loan servicing provider Cenlar FSB announced it expanded its operations outside of New Jersey and moved into new office space in Tempe, Arizona. The new western location will be the site of Cenlar’s West Operations Center.
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