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Who wins the Super Bowl…of real estate?

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Lender Lead Solutions Launches Wholesale Lending Division

Looking to capitalize on its own leads, Lender Lead Solutions, a mortgage lead generation company, said Tuesday that it had formed LLS Financial, a wholesale reverse mortgage division. Lender Lead Solutions said it generates leads for more than 15 percent of the closed reverse mortgages in the U.S. through its Senior Lending Network national media campaign, featuring legendary actor Robert Wagner. With the addition of the wholesale division, the company will seek to provide complete lead-to-closed loan reverse mortgage services to both broker and correspondent originators. “From the very beginning, our vision for the business was to develop deep partnerships with originators, providing them with everything they need to grow their revenues, including wholesale services, technology and marketing,� said David Peskin, chief executive officer of Lender Lead Solutions.
“The key to building a successful wholesale business is ensuring that our originators, our partners, have a consistent flow of business, and the best way to control that is to provide them with a continuous pipeline of high quality leads and the support needed to close more loans.� “Television marketing represents an extremely difficult medium to perfect, and it is not a vehicle that can typically be used by the local mortgage originator. We have been able to leverage this medium on a national basis and are pleased with our success in becoming the largest reverse mortgage lead aggregator in the country,� said Peskin. “The wholesale division is a natural extension of the reverse mortgage marketing programs we have created.� “With the rapid market growth and interest in reverse mortgages, the timing is right for us to launch our wholesale operations,� said Peskin. “Originators will benefit from an increased flow of leads to help them grow their business and professionally run wholesale operations that focus on faster turn times for completing loan processing.� The company said it has hired industry veteran Chris Mullins to run its wholesale division. Mullins most recently served as chief operating officer and chief information officer at Orange County, Calif.-based Master Financial, where he oversaw strategic technology initiatives and restructuring product lines. For more information, visit http://www.lenderleadsolutions.com.

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