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Scott Griset joined Clear Capital in 2012 and immediately saw the potential of bringing big data analysis and connected marketplaces to the lending industry. Over the course of six months, Griset and his team released more than 60 iterative improvements to Clear Capital’s internal workflow software.

In 2013, Griset led the team that delivered an automated data validation service to Freddie Mac, developing a new platform named ClearCollateral, designed to manage and leverage hundreds of millions of real estate transactions to deliver intelligent collateral risk analysis. The ClearCollateral Platform was launched in less than nine months and has been providing automated collateral risk analysis for Freddie Mac for more than a year.

 Griset extended ClearCollateral to include configurable workflow tools and he and his team launched ClearCollateral’s Valuation Review toolset in 2015, recently onboarding several of the nation’s largest lenders. Prior to joining Clear Capital, Griset served as director of strategic solutions for a firm servicing the U.S. military and federal government. 


I’ve received a ton of great advice from mentors and colleagues over the years. One point of wisdom that always stood out was “great products are built by great teams.” It is intensely satisfying to share empathy and passion with individuals striving for a common goal.


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