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  • Ocwen facing CFPB investigation, potential fine for servicing practices

    It’s been nearly three years since Ocwen Financial agreed to offer $2 billion in consumer relief and pay up to $127.3 million to settle a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau investigation into its servicing practices. But it looks like Ocwen may not be done with the CFPB yet, as the company revealed Thursday that the bureau is currently investigating the company’s mortgage servicing practices, which could lead to a fine and/or other disciplinary action.

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Here are the states where you'll pay the most in property taxes

Average homeowner pays $7,335 annually in one state


Property taxes are a key factor for homebuyers when deciding if, and where, they want to buy a home. The average American household spends $2,127 annually on property taxes, according to an article by John Kiernan for WalletHub.

Each year, about $11.8 billion property taxes go unpaid, according to the article. Although not everyone owns a home,  property taxes can also affect the prices to rent.

By consulting a panel of leading property-tax experts for practical and political insights, WalletHub came up with a list of property tax rates in each state.

Among some of the highest tax rates are New Jersey with 2.29%, Illinois with 2.25% and New Hampshire with 2.1%. Check article for the full list. 

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Lowest Property Tax by State

(Source: WalletHub)

Source: WalletHub

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