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Ben Carson wants to use 'secret shoppers' to monitor FHA, other agencies

Republican Presidential candidate lobbies for more monitoring of federal agencies

Ben Carson

If Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson is elected president later this year, federal agencies may find themselves the targets of an unusual practice designed to improve their performance – the secret shopper.

According to (and with a tip of the cap to The Wall Street Journal’s Joe Light), Carson recently told the Des Moines Register that he believes in the “secret shopper concept” for all government agencies.

“I believe there should be people out there who are acting as consumers and seeing if we are taking care of them appropriately,” Carson told the Des Moines Register.

“You don’t have to have very many people,” Carson said. "You just have to let the people know that they could be out there.”

One of the agencies that Carson’s secret shoppers would target is the Federal Housing Administration.


“When you have a problem and you go to the Federal Housing Administration and you talk to somebody and it takes you four hours before they blow you off and you don’t get anything done, I want to know about those kinds of things,” he said.

“I want to know what can be done about those kinds of things. The American people should not be subject to that.”

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